Microsoft issues official statement: No Blu-ray for Xbox 360

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 When  Peter More, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Interactive Entertainment  Business commented about Microsoft possibly taking on Blu-ray support in its Xbox 360 if  HD DVD lost the...
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“[B]At this point,[/B] we’re fully committed to HD-DVD” snickers

Yes, because HD-DVD has 45GB, and has less problems than Blu-Ray.
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Hmmm, no real biggie, but who cares any way?:X

What is your point about stating 45GB? Yes, there has been a TRI-LAYER HD-DVD disc announced that will have the capacity of 45GB. HD DVD single layer media has the capacity of 15GB per layer. Guess what? Blu-ray Disc has the capacity of 25GB per layer. TDK has already announced the development of a QUAD-LAYER Blu-ray disc, meaning 100GB capacity on one disc. "less problems? I’m not so sure about that one, regardless of what the HD DVD guys have to say. I have yet to see a prototype HD DVD burner, but I have seen numerous Blu-ray burners and the Pioneer BDR-101A should be available for purchase within months.
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they can still change there mind. They just know that if they seem to be not 100% behind the format they want to win then they seem like they are backing off and giving doubt. If Peter Moore says there is a backup plan then guess what…there is a backup plan. If Hd-dvd fails then microsoft will have no problem swooping up under blu ray and pretend to be it’s best friend.

it’s all a PR war, so let the PR war be played first. I laugh at any mention of ‘futureproof’. Average Joe’s thoughts: “OK, the console is futureproof, I’m safe in buying it”. Toshiba/HD-DVD marketing thoughts: “thanks Microsoft, for clarifying ur behind our great format and there will be no other”. Microsoft: “please buy our console, it’s futureproof and stuff, doncha know?” All parties involved: smiles all 'round. Dreams of dollar signs. Average Joe (again): “optical disc war…what optical disc war? I’ve got a futureproof console!” Let the PR war be played…

I think that is better for us if the HD-DVD will win this “war”. HD-DVD PROs: it’s not SONY, it’s quite big, it’s cheaper both player and discs, it’s more reliable, has less contraints. HD-DVD CONs: Less space on a single layer? But who cares so much about space if it’s going to cost much more and is lesser reliable? Think about the DVD±R DL. They still cost a lot and the majority of people out there still buys only DVD-+R SL… Besides, if you want hundreds of gigs on a single disc and you don’t care so much about the costs go Holographic… :d

not to talk about DRM more agressive from Sony:S

Future Proof?? mmmm… Wasn’t there a day when 640K ram was futureproof!? :X

How exactly did consumers signal that HD-DVD is superior to Blu-ray?

who cares?Blu-ray is the winner anyway :d
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>>>> Blu-ray Disc has the capacity of 25GB per layer. TDK has already announced the development of a QUAD-LAYER Blu-ray disc, meaning 100GB capacity on one disc. > "less problems?

Future proof? wow, no system based on technology is truly future proof. Maybe what they mean is that the 360 is upgradable to a certain degree. This just means that its a cheap computer, lol. HD-DVD is much cheaper to produce when it comes to the disks and the optics. It doesn’t mean that the cost will come down for blue-ray, but the initial cost will be steep.

Blue-ray maybe the beta-max of this race. who can make the media that burns well and is relatively inexpensive will be the winner I think. So far from what I have read getting blue ray media will be the problem. IMO
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HD-DVD PROs: it’s not SONY, No it’s not just Sony it’s just everyone hating Sony. Sony is just backing the technology they didn’t make blu ray. it’s quite big, Um Blu Ray is bigger it’s cheaper both player and discs, True but price will go down in due time it’s more reliable, Considering none of us have laid our hands on any hd-dvd disc’s this is just a guess since blu ray has a thinner layer but there has been announcements that they created a good protection for there discs has less contraints Only true on the movie playback front not on burnable media. Also these extra encryption features are only optional and not forced. Last most studios like with dvd will probably create even better technology just to be on the safe side of security.

I do not think that the price of blue ray items will go down so quickly… Just read some articles around cdfreaks and compare the prices… In term of prices you can think this way: DVD±R DL : BD-R = DVD-R : HD-DVD Just a simple equation… The time will let us know if I’m right or wrong…

While MS isn’t going to make a blu-ray drive for the XBox 360, could there be a chance that a 3rd party would? I don’t have an XBOX, but is there a special connector reserved for the HD-DVD drive, or is it plugging into a controller port ?

>>>>> DVD±R DL : BD-R = DVD-R : HD-DVD Just a simple equation… The time will let us know if I’m right or wrong…

the blu-ray fanboiz are such a hoot - i wonder if they’ll still be able to get an erection when (not if) it doesn’t make it. oh-so-short memories. remember beta vs. vhs? another overpriced proprietary sony “innovation” that the industry didn’t buy into. blu-ray will be no different. finally, this is all hoopla anyway - NEITHER format will gain ascendancy. while they’re busy proclaiming “I am the victor!” and stirring fanboiz to a foment, time and their window of oppostunity is passing fast. other technologies are and will continue to arise and will inevitably upstage them before they can even get going. to cut a long story short: yawn