Microsoft is not considering Blu-ray for Xbox

I just posted the article Microsoft is not considering Blu-ray for Xbox.

After news from Reuters said that Microsoft was considering supporting the Blu-ray camp, Microsoft now comes with an official reaction. ‘The headline misconstrued the context of what I said’, says…

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Sure Microsoft. We’ve all been there. “She doesn’t mean anything to me baby. I was just looking- you know you’re my one and only”. Meanwhile, you’re busily texting away below the table to the hottie she caught you looking at. Sorry Toshiba, but no matter what your partners say, all losers eventually get dumped. It’s just a matter of time before Microsoft kicks 2nd place to the curb and shacks up with the winner of the HD beauty contest.

When Universal and Paramount dump Hd-DVD, THEN will Toshiba say it’s dead?

okay…long time reader first time typer…let me just say i love the show…not so much the new layout though. okay…so warner leaves hd-dvd for who really knows what reason, probably because it would seem that blu-ray is outselling hd-dvd. in pure numbers that could be true though i think its that so many hd-dvd players came with a ton of movies taht the only people in need of buying anything are the super early ps3 adopters who didnt get 27 free at purchase. it will all boil down to pure cost and its well known blu-ray is more expensive to produce, not to mention that as soon as sony really believes they have a stranglehold on the market they will find a way to make back the tons of money they have lost. so either the companies are going to sit back and eat that cost or they will pass it on the comsumer who probably have yet to actually pay for a movie seeing as how half the ones out were free when they got their player. all im saying is dont expect sony to NOT be sony. they can and probably will find a way to mess this up. i mean they messed up the ps2 by putting out the ps3. look at how many times they have changed the cost on that. :g

If Toshiba finally manages to get some HD DVD writers on the market (not just for laptops), I’m sure they will do much better in the PC market. HD DVD-R 15GB media can be found as cheap as €1.99 per disc (an example can be found on Amazon Germany), while BD-R 25GB blanks are still €10+ in most of Europe and have not changed much in price since their launch. At the moment, the cheapest BD-R blanks work out at 2 to 3 times the cost per Gigabyte than 320GB to 750GB hard disks and around 10 times the price per Gigabyte than DVD-R/+R blanks (when bought in large spindles).
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Sean, and you can get 20 DVDs for €1.99. It doesn’t work that way. HD DVD is the lowest junk. And i can’t understand we have to face it. I fight already trying to squeeze Backups to 50GB Blu-Rays. I for sure don’t want anything smaller.