Microsoft introduces FAT file system royalty fee charges for each hardware product that uses FAT

I just posted the article Microsoft introduces FAT file system royalty fee charges for each hardware product that uses FAT.

  FAT is the most widely used file system in a wide range of products that  store data including hard drives, flash memory, USB Pen drives, MP3 players,  Digital cameras and so on.  While we...
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and Microsoft just gets FATter and FATter…

If FAT is patent pending - why would I as a manufacturer want to license it? Anyway, there are better format out there – if manufacturers start adopting Micro**** weak technologies then we are all stuffed. Oh well…On a side note, would 1 of the OpenSource developers smack that ****head McBride from SCO over the head with a stick. I want IBM to shut this little **** up too! [offensive language replaced by asterisks]
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Oh my f*cking gawd… What a bunch of money sucking ***… ??? :r

Time to all change to a new file system…

MS has had FAT on the market for many years are they just now getting around to patenting it? If so, the patent office should deny it because it has been public domain for all these years. I am no patent attorney, but one thing I was taught in engineering school was that a patent can only be granted if it has not been released to the public prior to patent filing. It would be like trying to copyright material that has been freely given to the public domain for years. If MS already has the patent on it, surely there is only a few years left and this is MS’s last ditch effort to squeeze some money out of it. If this is all it is or if the patent office is giving MS a patent when one should not be granted, Mt. Ranier is supposed to be added to future Windows, right? Everyone just sign onto the MR file system and things should be OK.

Duh~~ I’m using NTFS, do I have to pay???:g

NTFS even requires licensing on the software side. Microsoft have threatened to sue open source developers that tried making an open source version of NTFS such as for linux. This is the main reason why Linux does not have native NTFS support and why it is so incredibly difficult to get hold of an NTFS (read & write) driver for a DOS boot disk. See the following article:

O my god! I already paid… o my god!!:c

well thats one way to kill the FAT filesystem, which M$ has wanted to do for years now.

That article you linked to is from 2001. Right now, Linux 2.6 supports good read and white to NTFS, and that module can be back ported to 2.4.

WOOps i think i didnt pay for windows in the last 4 years…