Microsoft introduces changes to start menu with Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft introduces changes to start menu with Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update[newsimage][/newsimage]

Windows Insiders have told Microsoft they want the Windows 7 start menu to return and the company is now making an attempt. The upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update contains settings to change the start menu.

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It’s amazing Microsoft can’t get something fundamental like the Start Menu right, how many times have they changed it in Windows 10 already??? I don’t recall the Start Menus in XP, Vista or 7 ever being changed from the RTM versions.


it’s expected that regular Windows 10 users receive the feature in Spring 2017 with the public release of the Redstone 2 Update.

My my what a surprise… :disagree:

While Microsoft has tried to make the new start menu resemble that of Windows 7 as much as possible, the new start menu continues to have Live Tiles.
I believe this when I see this and maybe then I might buy this verison of Windows 10… :stuck_out_tongue:


This whole reinventing the wheel with the Start Menu starting from Windows 7 (when they removed the classic start menu entirely) has only generated negative feedback. It was so bad that this was one of the very few changes that Microsoft backpedaled even a little bit because of the bad user reviews. It really is the same as with Apple removing the headphone jack from their newer phones, trying to be “cool” and “edgy” and ending up just making an inferior product at the end.

The best thing for Microsoft to do would be to suck up, admit it was a stupid thing to do, and bring back both the newer XP/Vista-style menu as well as the older Win95 style classic one, exactly as they were. This would actually be a good change that most users would appreciate. But they, just like Apple, think they are smarter than their end users…

Not that I care, I’m currently on XP64 and I will [B]never[/B] use NT6+ as my main OS, unless of course Microsoft dramatically changes their course and creates an OS that is more or less Server 2003 SP2 with some added functionality and updates, without the bloat or stupid UI changes of Windows Vista and higher. I am not optimistic about this, I lost my faith after a few years of Vista when they decided to take the policy of doubling down on changes that people criticize. Maybe the new CEO will change this, but I doubt it will be enough - the damage is already done. The Start Menu in Windows 95 pushed Windows into the mainstream and #1 OS spot. Messing with that Start Menu will lead to their own demise, which has already started. It’s logical, but Microsoft can’t see it, since they’re too obsessed with imitating Apple. People who want Apple will buy Apple. Those people will [B]never, ever in their life[/B] buy a product that merely imitates Apple’s behavior. But they are alienating the rest of us in the process of achieving that unfeasible goal.


@aztekk, no it was to push their Windows Apps Store like Apple this was the reason they removed “Start Menu” they wanted to follow apple but they forget the reasons why the Windows users liked Windows. This is what started their demise. All the testers and beta Testers told them to keep that but they told those testers they were dumb and didn’t know what they were talking about. And now look who was right they created one debacle after another. If they only listened they would insured Windows 10 acceptance was accepted as Windows 7 where everyone wanted it and upgraded to it unlike Windows 8 debacle and you hear nothing more about it. In all market share and usage not imaginary numbers Windows 7 years after it’s release holds a commanding lead over 8 and 10. That should be more then enough Facts to tell you what you did wrong and to fix it so users will come back. If only Microsoft could see the writing on the wall but it has it’s head so far up its a55 that it couldn’t see where the sun shine.


Windows Insiders have told Microsoft they want the Windows 7 start menu to return and the company is now making an ATTEMPT.
I’m sure this “attempt” will end in failure. Microsoft isn’t the smartest OS developer out there, and they seem hell-bent on proving it. After all, the simplest of tasks allude the Microsoft developers. Every small change they make seems to be followed by an endless swarm of bugs and glitches. How long did it take them to fix the battery issue on their own Surface tablets? I guess they were too busy finding new ways of spying on their users to fix actual problems.

That said, if they really want to please Windows 7 converts, they should re-instate Windows 7’s “aero” transparency effects. But that’s probably not going to happen, since Microsoft’s newest trend seems to be to make the computer look like it’s running on EGA. Here’s in important message to Microsoft: flat != beautiful, but flat = ugly.