Microsoft intensifies anti-Apple campaign



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Its a very justified campaign but its one I think hurts MS more than helps them, I owned a brandy new Surface Pro 3 with all the trimmings, 512SSD, plenty of RAM and their best graphics. Plus numerous software ( Office and other things) upgrades. I absolutely loved it. But I only had it for a few weeks as it got stolen in a hospital while I was having a procedure. Having said that, my son has a MacBook Pro with a great Retina display and a PCI-E 1TB SSD and many just as good software apps. The price of the MS Surface Pro 3 with all my upgrades was almost equal too his MacBook Pro so it came down to what was easier to use and what I thought had better features. Now I have to admit, I was already used to MS Os and not used to the Apple but the lack of Apple support was what ultimately sold me on the Surface Pro 3. Mind you we are talking a few thousand USD for each here., so it is a big decision.


MS has a lot of good ammunition to fire at Apple when it comes to tablets and productivity. When I see Microcenter selling 7" W8.1 tablets with very fast Intel quadcore CPUs (BayTrail-T Z3735G 1.33GHz Quad-Core) for less than $60, I think MS is going for Apple’s jugular. These tablets aren’t thin on features either. They have micro card slots, a FULL size USB port (some have 3.0 USB), a mini USB port, mini HDMI, 16/32GB memory, 1/2GB RAM etc. The screens aren’t the best but have 1280x800 resolution and are multi-point and IPS. These tablets are basically mini computers for very cheap prices.

I think Apple is going to take a hit in tablet sales if this pricing on feature rich MS tablets continues. Even the tablets with upscale screens will be hundreds of dollars less than Apple’s offerings.


Well, that really makes me smile. It seems like MS trying too hard. I would watch my pants in their place.
It is surreal to compare a personal computer to a tablet. Not mentioning the functionality of one and the other.

Where Surface Pro 3 can beat Apple is in the field of iPads. The latter is mainly used by Apple fans and average users. The rest of the world uses Android etc. devices for known reasons (no limitations, not closed system etc.).


IMO, what hurt MS in the tablet market initially was their price schedule for the OS and a lack of Intel being a serious player in the hardware side. Now they are much more agressive and with Intel making affordable and fast CPUs it greatly changes the dynamics for both Intel and MS for the better. If MS and Intel keep this market model going then I think they will also take a huge bite out of Android sales. MS is now bridging the gap nicely between a tablet and a PC by offering capabilities in a tablet that Android and Apple can’t match. MS is smartly leveraging their dominance of the desktop market to their advantage in the tablet market by giving the user more control over how they can use their device.


If nothing else, at least Microsoft isn’t stupid enough to claim Apple is commnunism. If only the GNU/Linux OS could be so lucky.