Microsoft, Intel to limit Windows 7 use on netbooks

I just posted the article Microsoft, Intel to limit Windows 7 use on netbooks.

Even though netbook manufacturers are pushing the boundaries by continually increasing netbook sizes, it appears Intel and Microsoft will try and stifle that growth by increasing Windows 7 licensing…

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By watching how netbooks have made MS lower the price of their OS- in order to dominate that market segment, just imagine what would happen if there were any true competition on the software side. It is really sad. i think they are licensing these versions of XP for about 15 bucks! I would imagine the Win 7 version will be about $29 for vendors that fit the “spec”. And this is for a product that took extra work in order to cripple it.

We can be sure MS is still profiting from each license - or they would just say forget it. The main goal is more than likely just to put XP to bed- for good. And also to keep Android based (and other alternatives coming along) netbooks at bay.

Just think how Intel used to increment clock speed in order to bleed the consumer when they had 90% market share. I remember when the Pentium came out and they would charge like heck to “jump” from a P90 to a P100. This kind of crap went on for years. But, there was no choice.

Then, AMD came along and also the knowledge to overclock processors and the “game” was over. We started to see huge leaps in speed in each offering. We also saw prices drop like a rock.

I can only imagine what would happen if there was a true competitive OS threat for MS. I suspect we could be getting Windows 7 “Ultimate” retail for about 80 bucks or less.

I Imagine though, it will be peddled for about $300 for a retail version. What a crock.

I think mandriva 2009.1 Spring Edition is going to rule for a while with its low-spec version with LXDE ( as it’s user-friendly and visually familiar (looks so much like Windows!)… and above all, it’s open source & Free of charge!!
and with Win7 being crippled this way, I think the chances will be even higher for Mandriva & the other Linux distros, adding to the silly “3 programs limit”… cmon!? what if I have MSN Messenger, MS Write & IE6 opened… and then a virus comes in and it’s hunted by my anti virus… are they going to prohibit me from opening my AV program until I close one of my other 3 programs? Plain Silly!!!

There’s no 3 program limit anymore for windows 7 in netbooks

So i guess now people should find something else to bash windows 7 and MS in general; but i dont worry, i have faith in human resourcefulness…