Microsoft, HP unveil their new high-def video disc formats

I just posted the article Microsoft, HP unveil their new high-def video disc formats.

  More  news from the Home Entertainment show in Manhattan. Just as we are coming  to grips with a possible truce in the Blu-ray camps, a couple more companies have  decided that the...
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Oh boy, now let me think which broadcast HD shows I want to record 1st… … … …:r
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A ahahahhhahaha Hang on Grimes it’s comin! But it sure sucks now!!! LOOL

Double post :stuck_out_tongue:
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sure that is all fine and dandy, but what about the US broadcast flag that is supposed to be implemented? Does the HP system bypass it? Or are we stuck in another world of useless DRM.

I thought that flag was being fought in court.

It was. It was also ruled unconstitutional.

Yeah but according to EFF it goes into effect July 1- let’s hope it gets stopped before then. I saw some stories that the FCC is being contested on this as well, they apparently do not have the authority to go thru with this flag concept

The flag is no more! Appeals court tossed the ruling out.