Microsoft hears you! Xbox One microphone always on

Microsoft hears you! Xbox One microphone always on.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One Kinect microphone is always listening for commands, in other words, is always on.

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It is doubleplusgood that we can be plusgood citizens for Big Brother this way.

I’ll get onto TechNet shortly and see what that command is - it’s something like “Ballmer, with thine ownself, go forth & multiply” but not exactly… in C#, I think it was more like BRACKET Ģƒɣ UNBRACKET.

Net connection always hot?
Mic. always hot?
Check your street for black Suburbans.

They should also try to distinguish between boob and non-boob persons and given e. g. there is a at least 1 non-boob person watching, it should prevent movies like twilight from being played back. Now that would be innovative. A man’s dream come true.

[QUOTE=olddancer;2688517]Check your street for black Suburbans.[/QUOTE]
Uh. I think they’ll be a LOT closer than my street! I need to get those amps tuned for a High B-flat at about 200db, then concentrate it for Ballmer’s listening pleasure. “Always on” indeed.

Most people with phones are unaware that the phone can also be hacked to leave the mic and camera on, even a laptop with built-in web cam has the same risk. GPS applications also have the risk of being tracked from the outside. Privacy is an illusion.

I have my android phone set up to do exactly that with a little app called “Where’s My Droid”. If anyone steals it they will have a nasty surprise.

What a load of CRAP!!! I don’t want to be limited to how many friends/family members can watch my TV at once! ! I don’t want random background noise (de)activating my X-Box! I don’t want to deal with Microsoft’s shady control-crazed tactics anymore. I think we’re all sick of this!

I don’t trust Microsoft’s word that “because they have over 10 year’s experience” in privacy, my privacy will remain intact. Heck, contrary to what Microsoft thinks, some people (sadly, not all) have enough of a memory to remember news posts like THIS ONE!

However, there is one good point to be made about the X-Box 1: Microsoft has yet to invent a way to prevent you from unplugging the stupid thing! Privacy problem solved!

Of course, as soon as people figure this out, the P/S 4 will be released with a hidden battery and hidden solar panels…

TSJ, yes! It doesn’t even need to be too hidden - it could be an innocent looking motherboard plug-in part. Marked only by some cryptic part number.

And as you said, MS’s “ten years of experience in privacy” didn’t include “ten years of GOOD privacy”.

Well, I hope enough fanbois will look elsewhere and maybe Consumerdom can put a stop to this “I control everything” mentality. We really need a TV station to start re-broadcasting OUTER LIMITS again.

OOOOhhhh big brother MS is out to get us ! Please…

This not a big deal. Anyone getting worked up over this is just over-reacting (TJNachos etc.).

Every modern computer, smart phone and tablet in the world is in the same exact situation, they could be spying on you.
In fact they are more likely, any Android phone or Windows PC is far more hackable than a XBOX. Your cell phone provider can activate your cell phone and spy on you without you knowing. How about that ?

Paranoia is just good common sense when the whole world is out to get you :slight_smile: