Microsoft has taken legal action against Lik Sang

I just posted the article Microsoft has taken legal action against Lik Sang.

Many people where suprised that the Xbox could be pretty easily modified with a so-called mod chip that allowed the Xbox e.g. to play backups. One of the companies that sold this mod-chip was Lik…

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The chips typically allow a game machine to play legally and illegally copied discs, run unauthorized software and play game discs intended for other geographic regions.
I hate that mod-chips are always associated with illegal activities. You need a mod-chip (if I recall correctly) to boot Linux, play DivX movies and bunch of other shit on XBox. None of this shit is illegal, but this never mention in the mainstream media…:r

Couldn’t agree more… :frowning: It’s always the honest and briljant that need to suffer because the majority of people are using a MOD-chip for things other then the legal stuff.

WHY don’t they understand, that when you purchase a product, it is NO LONGER THEIRS! You can modify something you own in any way you see fit!

c44, They don’t understand, because under current law in the US. It IS still theirs. The DMCA (Digital Millenium Compyright Act) [Signed by good buddy BILL C.] basically states that (same goes for software on computers) that we do not own it, we are only given a license to use it. Hence, reverse engineering and decompilation (Processes required for mod-chips) are illegal. Gotta Love the USA.

The MOD chip doesn’t circumvent anything until it’s actually installed. In theory a MOD chip cannot work without the XBOX. So it’s not a complete circumvention device until it is in an XBOX. So until it is actually installed it’s just a normal chip design. Who’s to say it couldn’t be used for something else that was legal. There’s no way of knowing until it’s installed and used. It’s the buyer that decides to put it in the machine as a circumvention device. It’s the buyer of the chip that breaks the law. Just like if you shoot someone with a gun, It’s not the gun makers fault. It’s the shooter’s fault. I think it’s bullshit that their trying to say that this company isn’t allowed to sell a chip design that they created. I would like to know, exactly how do I have to put the transistors together to be illegal. If I’m a chip designer I should be able to manufactor any combination of circuits or transistors I want, but Microsoft, and the governments are saying no. Some combinations aren’t allowed. Remember, we can ban MOD chips because they’re evil but we’ll still manufactor guns and cigarrettes. Not that I’m agaist either. I would like to use a gun on Bill Gates and then smoke a cigarette when I was done.

Plus I feel that I spend like $300 on a machine I should be able to put any goddamn chip I want in it.

Back in the '80’s, there was a company called Happy Computing. They made a mod chip for the Atari disk drive. This chip sped up data transfer, and allowed you to copy almost any protected disk. It would even speed up or slow down the drives rotation speed as needed. A few software company’s tried to negate the Happy Drive by doing things like using a laser to burn holes at certain sectors of the disk, but for the most part it was widely supported by the industry. In fact, once bootleg Happy Chips became available, Happy Computing offered to take the bootleg chip in on trade, and sell you the real chip at a discount. Sigh! What a difference a few years makes…:c

Would you buy a car under the same terms…seems funny that it appears most of the american public accept the DCMA, but I bet you would hear the screams in antarctica if the same applied to veeheckles… My interpretation of copyright is , if I pay for it, I can do whatever I bloody want to with it…:7

Back in the Atari Days, I did install a mod chip in my 5.25" disk drive to up the disk capacity from 145k to 180k and another mod to allow you to use the disk upside down, i.e. get another 180k from the 2nd side of the disk. :slight_smile: I don’t see anything wrong/illegal with selling mod chips; just like a company selling a amplifier/speaker package for a car. :frowning: To install an amplifier/speaker system in a car, you need to do physical modifications; much like soldering a mod chip in a console.

I seem to remember some bitching about the ‘notch press’ for the old 5.25 (apple)floppies being against the law and ‘MAY’ completeley destroy your floppy drive! While we’re at it where do you think Bill G & ccompany got M$dos from… ripped from unix (but that was OK?):frowning:

I dont know how much Microsoft actually has to do with Lik Sang’s website being down. Seems to me that they were having a lot of items out of stock and “temp not available” messages on a number of products weeks before the website went down.

Oh, I agree completely, should anyone say, “No No No! You can’t put that stereo in your car, it wasn’t designed to operate that way!” I’d be very pissed, but luckily that’s not what they’re doing. They’re applying the same rules to software and hardware. I personally believe the DMCA is not worth the paper it’s written on. However, what the Mod chip companies are trying to do, is identical to what warez distributors TRY to do. “This is for educational purposes…blah blah blah… if you want to use it after 30 days, BUY IT… etc.” In short they’re trying to say, just cause we make them, doesn’t mean we should take responsibility for what people do with them. However, it just doesn’t work out that way. EVER. Woe be to the entrepreneurs(sic?).

Most Xbox modchips are illegal because they contain a modifed Microsoft bios in the ROM. This bios is copyrighted MS code protected by law. And don’t you people start saying that the modchips are for a good cause and people buy them only for Divx and Linux. That is crap, very few people buy a chip for solely that purpose. Just about everyone has one to copy games, and being able to do other stuff is just a little plus. I’m not on MS’s side, beacuse my box is chipped, but I can still justify their actions because they are loosing millions of dollars.

Maybe you missed the article about how software piracy increases Microsoft’s market share and actually helps them make money. Think about it, a person buys MS Office because everyone else uses it. If only legal copies of Office were in circulation, less people would buy it. They wouldn’t need it as much. Everyone would be using Star Office.

When Cd’s were first introduced in the 80’s, we were promised a virtually indestructable media device! Nowadays Microsoft sell us a pile of crap! If the games were child proof & didnt get scratched the first time my 8yr old daughter played them, maybe I wouldn’t resent payin so much for them in the first place! In the meantime, if a disc is only going to last me a month, then I’ll buy the cheapest possible! Give me value for money Billy Gates & I wont buy the copies! :d

They are indestructable if we’re allowed to back up our software.

How is Microsoft able to take legal actions against a company in a region where copyright laws are not enforced. If this is about international law enforcement then I would say FUCK Microsoft. I would still say FUCK Microsoft even if the legal actions are still only in the United States. This may be just their United States divison they’re taking legal actions against. Well the good news is anyway that Microsoft and the government can’t control the whole world when it comes to this stuff. So if they shut down a mod chip maker here there will be one that just pops up in another country that they are legal in. Once again every country in the whole world isn’t stupid enough to make a mod chip illegal and not a gun illegal. Apparently the United States and UK are dumb enough to have these stupid laws where a mod chip is illegal and a gun is not making them very fucked up countries.

In my humble opinion, the availability of mod chips (no matter how legal or illegal you want to call them) may turn out an importent factor in the competition between PlayStation II and XBox. I know of a few people who chose to buy a PS2, and one of their arguments was, that mod chips are readily available for them.

To me an xbox is just a games version of a pc anyway, and you can put any card or chip you want in that (well if its compatable! that is) so whats the differance its all bollocks the way things are heading in the I T world with the goverment most of us will be fucked anyway even if you aint done anything wrong to your knowlage, probably better off getting a new hobby that carries less of a jail sentence like becoming a rapist or shooting kids in a school yard ! for example ,I may sound a bit over the top but to me thats the way it seems to be heading.:frowning: