Microsoft forces Windows validation for extras & some updates

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 While the game  industry has always been keen in trying all sorts of disc anti-piracy measures  to prevent copies of their CD/DVD media from being made, Microsoft on the  other hand happily...
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It’s alraidy hacked. There’s a plugin you can download to fool the microsoft site.

There 2 plugins 1 for IE and 1 for Firefox in combination of the Greasemonkey extension. The scripts it self can be found [b]Here[/b]

Those are both for the downloads section. These do not work for windows update. give it time, it will crack.

But you can still download the updates “by hand”…

But why do you want to “hack” it if you don’t have a pirated version of Windows? This validation check is not big deal for a legitimate user and only takes 2 secs.

'cause they collect your data for “statistical” purposes…

And what personal data exactly??? Various reversing groups have already reported that the data MS read for the activation/validation purpose are purely silly things like hardware config and such and they do not collect any personal data that can be important. Do you really beleive if MS, the big evil, ever collected something important the whole anti-MS scene would remain calm and would not make a super big deal out of it?

There is a need to hack because there are some with legitimate license keys that will not pass the geniune advantage authentication.

This is kind of like what DirecTV did with the black listed un-subscribed cards, plus they also do a while list. I wonder if the nice people who make keygens will add the feature to try to validate the number with the Microsoft server, so you could leave it running for a few months and then end up with a list of valid keys if you happen to find any.

For the Windows Update site you load the WGA plug in. Then you disable it here: Internet Options Programs Plugin management (I am translating from a non English XP WP2) Disable the WGA plug in and restart I.E. Check out this site: .

ericjh, this is the 2nd post. it states it does not work for windows update.

I was having problems with my legal code, as I transversed it over 3 pc’s since i bought my original copy of XP. (ie i’ve upgrade twice since 2000). anyways i used that one where, after you’ve been forced to update to the newest update software (including wga), you got to tools>manage add-ons>add-ons that have been used by internet explorer> select the genuine advantage one>then disable it. now i can get my updates without having to call up microsoft and explain my stupid hardware changes to them. hope this helps people in the same situation as me. btw my install is the original xp immediately upgraded with sp2, then all the updates until now.

We all knew this was coming people, as soon as MS made it optional, obviously they were going to require validation. And for all those who fear privacy, you’re just laying on the BS because you know your copy is pirated. Although IMHO if you stole Windows, might as well hold off on the optional update and just purchase Vista (Longhorn) when it comes out in 14 months. But I wouldn’t be surprised that MS did this in hopes they can drive up sales, only to make people upgrade to Vista later.
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I’ve given the Windows Genuine Advantage tool a try on several PCs using a legitimate version of Windows with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. For the Windows Update, all showed no issue and the same went with downloading updates that requires validation using Internet Explorer. Interestingly, on Windows 2000 PC’s, I get “Genuine Windows Software”, where as on Windows XP PC’s, I get “Thank you for using Genuine Windows”. :wink: However, if I use Mozilla Firefox, it passes on all but one Windows 2000 based PC. Apparently I get the following error when I run the validation tool: [I]Code not available. The validation code could not be obtained. This may be due to technical difficulties, or you may be running an unsupported operating system. Please close this window and attempt the validation process again, or use the Back button in your Web browser to return to the download details page. [Error code: 0x80040265][/I] The next page shows “Thank you for taking part in genuine Windows validation. …” Once I click ‘Continue’, it shows “Validation Not Complete: Expired Validation Code”, along with the option to obtain Genuine Windows Software, contact my reseller or turn on automatic updates. :stuck_out_tongue:

2 - Just fill in a piracy report and get a genuine replacement OS for half price. Does that mean MS are having a 50% sale? Why would I buy windows from a retailer when MS are under cutting them by 50%? So if anyone is looking for a new copy of windows then load up a pirate copy and get MS to give you a big rebate.:d

Run that by me again? Rather than paying for a legal copy of XP when it was released, which I did, Microsoft would sell it to me for HALF PRICE if I’d been running a pirate copy for four-and-a-half years? What kind of a way is that to encourage honesty? Have they considered how their real customers feel now, or are we so much in the minority that we don’t matter?

:+ Who da hell needs that stupid updates? I don`t! Autopaches to Sassa only… To put the OS more fat than he is? Naaa…updates=loosers=noobys:S Install XPantispy and cut the crap:g

I was having problems with it too but then I switched to Linux. :wink:

I’m still very much miffed with all the BSOD’s from that wonder of wonders-Windows 95. Remember all the headaches you had to endure because you thought you had made a mistake. No, it was built-in to the OS. I think they should allow me to trade my Win95 genuine disk for a free copy of Vista!