Microsoft Flightsimulator 2002

I d/l the IBOISO-“version” of MS flightsim2002 and burned it on 3 cd´s. Installed it and everything work just fine. After a week when I started the game it said that the beta period had expired.:rolleyes:

Is there anyone that has a clue on what to do?


what is an “IBOISO-version”??
Do you mean an ISO-Image from the CD?


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Yes, it´s an ISO of the CD´s made by some warez-group called iBoIsO…

Then it seems they made a bad iso… If the game expires then their crack/patch didn’t work or you forgot to use it? Buy the original :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is that there is no crack present on the iso´s. And yes I WILL buy the game when I have tested it…:cool:

Sorry to say, but you downloaded - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 BETA, this isn’t the ‘real’ game but time limited beta version.

…ok…then I have to find the real thing…

I agree with Black Diamond, IBOISO one was the 2nd beta of that game.