Microsoft Flight Simlator2000 Vs CloneCD



i tried to copy Microsoft FlightSim2000 from the original disk with CloneCD and it seems doesn’t works…someone can help me?


Ok I think that one is protected by some funky protection. Here is one way to get around it, (this is a older technique that some of the groups used to get around protection junk.) First of all look for a crack for it.
Install the game with a full install outside of the default directory. (Not programfile\microsoft\whatever the game is…)
Next run the crack to disable the cd check.
Then open the registry(dont try it if the registry scares you and make sure you back up the registry first). Now look here is the trick, look for all instances of the game itself. When you get an area that shows more than one line, this is the key you will need to copy to a .reg file, when you save it, it will ask you where(win98 default puts it in
My Documents). Copy the reg file to the game directory and do a test burn. Unistall the game and copy the cd files back over.
Next run your reg file and and see if it works, this is what I did to get around the protection on COmbat flight simulator

A 2nd method is to play with different settings on clonecd, (read digitalid)


From Italy Stefano C. brings us SubSonic Reader - a new tool that can make
images of protected CDs similar to BlindRead.
The current version only supports the PC discs. There may be problems with
PSX discs.
The software has been tested successfully with the following
- Age of Empires 2
- Colin McRae Rally
- Expandable
- Flight Simulator 2000
- Half-Life
- Midtown Madness
- Motocross Madness
- MS Office 2000
- MS Windows 2000 Professional
- Revolt
- Sega Rally Play And Setup Disk
- …
Where BlindRead 2.3 and 3.0 did not work for Rally Championship, SubSonic
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You can download SubSonic Reader here (2.984kB) and the author’s webpage
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