Microsoft Flight 2000 - Not Working

I got my lite-on 48x just 2 days ago. It is simply superb. I have burnt around 7 cds. No problems except for one:

I burnt the game - Microsoft Flight 2000. I used diskdump to make a cue sheet and then burnt it using Nero. Everything went off well. I was able to install it from the burnt cd-r. When I run it, I get the message “load the cd-rom” even though the cd-r is in the drive. But works perfectly if I load the original game cd.

Help is appreciated…

Do you mean Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000?
If you do, then you don’t need to use DDump, use CloneCD’s game profile instead.
If the game is called simply Microsoft Flight then I don’t know the protection. This thread should be in the burning software forum anyways so I’ll move it for ya :slight_smile: