Microsoft fixes actively attacked leak in Internet Explorer and Edge



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft fixes actively attacked leak in Internet Explorer and Edge[newsimage][/newsimage]

Yesterday’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixed nearly 50 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Edge, Windows, Silverlight, Office and Exchange. In total 13 updates were released of which 6 were marked critical.

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There is a trouble in being at the top. Being it the operating system, the web browser, mail client or the AV vendor… You are likely to be targeted more often than others if you use them.

Said in another way, if you can find yourself a really obscure but still functional operating system including the applications and utilities that is available to it, you can pretty much forget about two things. Vulnerabilities and easily accessible support information. From time to time, I surf using an Amiga and I don’t even have an AV installed as I am safe doing so these days.
Simple really, there is absolutely nothing to gain by going after a virtual Commodore Amiga installation as I guess we’re below ten in numbers that does so at any given time I use this method. Frankly I don’t think any scumbag will even know how to code a decent MC68000 malware these days, and even if, they are probably not interested in doing so :wink:

I do use Windows for day to day work of course, but I have skipped Internet Explorer and other ‘king of the hill’ applications I can live without. IT security is all about reducing your attack surface and while I have probably done more to secure myself than most, it all starts with a thought. How far you want to take it is up to you, but this is not going to end any day soon and you better start to think about what level of security you require and use that as your starting point. If not you will forever be in the targeted group :flower: