Microsoft files for patent on "modular operating system"



As previously reported, Microsoft will introduce modular OS updates with Windows Vista’s Anytime Upgrade—a new service which will allow users to upgrade Vista on the fly and unlock additional functionality. Anytime Upgrade is a big part of Microsoft’s plans for Vista. The company hopes that modular updates will help to create more sales opportunities as the company rethinks its approach to developing new operating systems. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has even hinted that the future of Windows may rely more on modular updates and less on gigantic milestone releases.


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Who would have thought … modular was the way to go … as was discussed by techy nerds for the last 10 years :stuck_out_tongue:


GOOD we won’t have to worry about new OSes for a long time. :smiley:


Lol, they just expect you to pay $50 every few months for new optional modular “features” instead :stuck_out_tongue: