Microsoft explains massive 'Azure' cloud outage



Microsoft explains massive ‘Azure’ cloud outage.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Massive cloud outage explained by Microsoft's Windows Azure General Manager Mike Neil.

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Never even heard of Azure until now. Hope to never hear about it again.


[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2647463]Never even heard of Azure until now. Hope to never hear about it again.[/QUOTE]

What about OpenStack and AWS S3?


“Explanation”? sounds more like “Lame excuse” to me.



[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2647483]“Explanation”? sounds more like “Lame excuse” to me.


TBH I’m inclined to agree with that. :iagree::slight_smile:



I get annoyed when diablo 3 servers are down for maintenance …

I’d be LIVID if the cloud server where my work files (and the other other office staff’s files) were was down for a few hours …

I’d change providers if I was working with personal files, and the cloud server went down.

It’s another nail in the coffin for “Cloud Computing”.
It’s cheap, but expect downtime. Any decent business might consider the trade-off on reduction in costs versus downtime.

While keeping servers in-house might have an order of magnitude more downtime, the majority of that downtime will be arranged to avoid operating hours, and in-house IT staff can likely get it limping again pretty quickly, if not restore full functionality quickly.


Mr.B has a thread about MS E-Book Freebies. There are two ‘blogs’ offering different sets - one of them has quite a few Azure ‘books’ available.

And darn, not ONE of them deals with “outages”.

Or excusing-making publicity campaigns!! Darn… boy, that’s what Azure Techies REALLY need…

I guess that’s the Pay-For stuff. Of course.


Had someone on the XDA Android forums argue with me about the cloud (the subject was newer phones that don’t come with MicroSD card slots), saying how much better it was. Now I have one more example to use to argue that relying on the cloud is a fool’s errand. (People who relied exclusively on MegaUpload and MultiUpload to store their files, without keeping adequate local copies, could tell you that.)


I keep thinking of the marketing hype used for “distributed services” long ago. And before that, it was ‘time-sharing’ on bigger computer systems.

Like the song goes,

“Cloud is just another word for saying ‘Nothing left to lose’…”

Well… I think that’s how the song goes…


[QUOTE=Kenshin;2647467]What about OpenStack and AWS S3?[/QUOTE]

No and no. The only clouds I’m interested in are the ones that bring rain or are shaped like strippers.