Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 - Attached Costs & What Is Needed


For many years now I have had my webmail accounts attached to Microsoft Outllok; simply because I love the available filtering, views etc (and the familiarity I have with the program from work). Now fast forward to 2010 and I have began to notice more and more that my personal needs are more along the lines of business and a simple webmail account won’t suffice. I have recently acquired my own domain (i.e. .com name) and for the meantime a friend has offered to provide me with the hosting space becaue in the initial stages I will only require my own personalised e-mail address. This seems great as I will now be able to create rules, flag items, sync to mobile phone (very important) and the SMS feature seems cool also etc.

Now that I know the infrastructure in part; I need to better understand what is required of me when using the Exchange Server 2010 program. I am not a big corporate business, but a lot of what I read around the product appears to have a bias towards them. I am a single user; who may as time progresses recruit a few more users to my project (lets say up to 5).

My main interest is the data being saved on the cloud so that I can be accessed from anywhere.

I know if it was a case of simply using Outlook a cost wouldn’t necessarily be attached; however when it comes to Exchange 2010 what besides the program will I be paying for. Is their a charge for the cloud storage and is this directly paid to microsoft.

Apologies, if I am not entirely clear with the technical jargon but all help will be much appreciated.

Here is a link explaining a little bit about the cost: