Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 on Pentium III CPUs

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Microsoft will no longer release security updates for Windows 7 users with a CPU without SSE2 support, such as the Intel Pentium III processor. Windows 7 is currently in extended support, which means that Microsoft will no longer add features and only releases security updates for the operating system.

Just wonder how many of these are out there??

I’m going to guess a couple of thousand tops, mostly specialist business machines running bespoke software.

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Pentium 3? I had those CPU-gerations on my W98SE and begin of WinXP-time. Mostly with RAM <1GB, W7 would be an awful system with this configuration

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Are there any PIII machines that actually have enough RAM to support Windows 7? Even if there is, I can’t imagine running Windows 7 on a uniprocessor with < 1Hz. To me, that’s the very definition of torture.

You know, I can’t help but wonder how well a Debian GNU/Linux system with a lightweight desktop environment might run on such hardware. I doubt modern web browsers would run at an acceptable speed.

I would like to see MS continue support updates on W7 and 8.1 for newer CPU-generations

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Just because of the processor? Why?

Not going to happen in your dream state. That makes squat $$ for Microsoft. Think more before saying things that makes no common sense.

I bknow.

But why MS supported so long other things which don´t bring money?


MS wants to kick off all other OS.

Even with newest Ryzen-platforms for desktop you can find drives for W7 and W8.1, but MS want to force W10 (maybe best backdoors for some organisations in USA)

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