Microsoft: Edge browser is better than Firefox and Chrome in high quality video streaming

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft: Edge browser is better than Firefox and Chrome in high quality video streaming[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft Edge is the best browser for streaming high quality video on Netflix. It’s the only browser that is able to display movies and series at 1080p. Chrome, Firefox and Opera are stuck at 720p.

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Misleading headline, it implies Edge is best for high quality video streaming across the board, but it’s just for netflix.

So in other words on Netflix Edge actually works? I mean, in any other respect it is a buggy browser lacking most everything real browsers have :Z

TBO, I really mean what I write above and I consequently call it ‘Edge of oblivion’. I have done test sessions using it, but all I can say, it is a sorry excuse of a browser. Let us hope the release of Redstone1 see a change for the better, it can hardly be worse.

For me, I find the best video quality when watching Netflix is to use the smart TV function instead of the HTPC or Blu-ray player. The TV also allows DD+ to be ported to the AVR.

After reading this thread I tried the Edge browser to watch Netflix and was far from impressed. The Netflix Windows app is the best choice on an HTPC. Plus the app allows DD+ audio where Edge or FF does not.

Yes, Edge does one thing on one website at higher resolutions than other browsers. That somehow means Edge is better than other browsers, even though it sucks in every other aspect. As far as I’m concerned, few things beat the EME-free builds of Firefox, except Abrowser (a modified version of Firefox, maintained by the Trisquel GNU/Linux distro maintainers) or GNU IceCat (another Firefox fork maintained by Free Software Foundation).