Microsoft drafts breakup reply

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WASHINGTON, May 7 '” Microsoft Corp. is drafting a counterproposal to the government’s breakup plan that…

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i hope they wont do it… i like microsoft i LOVE microsoft, i love bill gates :stuck_out_tongue: … O yeah,… LINUX sux

So you like blue screens and errors? Allright everyone has the right to choose his own os, but happy reboots!!!

Let’s face it. What is this all about? The message it sends out to the world is: Don’t be succesfull or we’ll sue you! I don’t think Microsoft does something wrong. You live in a free country and have the oppertunity to choose a different OS like Unix, Linux, Beos, Amiga (soon), OS2, Apple, etc. What’s next? Mac Donald’s? Well, it would be nice to get rid of those tasteless buns…

I think the gov. got way to involved in this. This was after all a campain launched by MS competition. MS may not be the nicest kid on the block but, if no-one can do something better, why punish MS.

As to the Windows haters, have you ever really tried to do a proper setup. I take 2-3 days setting up windows, but when i’m done I have a hard time crashing my system. Most problems have a lot to do with hardware not Win98. Of the nay-sayers how many of you run system file checker or a reg cleaner. Ever try 98lite? If you answer no to these questions then please try them.