Microsoft downgrades Xbox 360 Kinect hardware to lower costs

Microsoft downgrades Xbox 360 Kinect hardware to lower costs.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It looks like the initial version of Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing add-on for their Xbox 360 console isn’t going to be quite the device everyone had initially anticipated. Pressured by manufacturing costs that would have them taking a loss on each unit sold, Microsoft has chosen to downgrade Kinect’s hardware in favor of lessened financial risk. 

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What a disaster. Bad move MS. Nnthing but bad press will come of this move…

Why bad press ? i think this this is a great move my Microsoft, the Xbox Kinect will lower the price of the Nintendo Wii and well the way i see it the more competition the batter, i signed up for a <a href=“” title=“Xbox Kinect”>Xbox Kinect</a> forum website last week and it seems a lot of people are very happy with the new product, i can’t see bad press coming from it.

Well how can it possibly be good or positive ?

Wii would drop faster, if at all, if MS stuck to their higher specs.

Based on what the author says , the comments from the original story aren’t favorable. That’s bad press !

MS has been hyping this thing for over a year, talking specs and capabilities. Now a few months before release they are downgrading the specs and capabilities so they can save a buck on manufacturing costs. Now it won’t be able to do all the things they said it would initially. How do you spin that positively ? And then to boot, its suggested they could offer an higher end version later ? That’s just ridiculous.
This makes MS look like idiots and Sony and nintendo are going to feast on this story.

It’s also going to generate negative gossip among gamers.

I think MS and Sony are coming to the motion control game late in an effort to try and capitalize on the success of the Wii…

Well, as a Wii owner, over time, it got boring and the games are not that good. My kids got older and we now have a PS3 and that gets more use. I think the XBOX360 and PS3 should just stick to standard controllers. I am not a big gamer, so I doubt I represent the mainstream gamers… Just stating my opinion as a casual gamer.

They’re definitely coming late to the motion control game, but it finally gets rid of the “exclusivity” features of the Wii (without consideration of their specific game titles).

Now if someone wants a powerful console that supports motion control, they’ve got choices. I think that Wii sales are going to suffer greatly due to these launches.

To get back OT, it’s disappointing that Microsoft went with lower spec hardware and removed some features. The Kinect could’ve been truly revolutionary, now it sounds like it’s just gonna be decent. Of course, I still want to try it out, but it’s disconcerting to hear that it won’t be able to do some of the more advanced stuff that they previewed initially.

Yeah the whole thing reeks of deliberately lying to suck in mind-share, and then going “woops sorry, we’re not actually that powerful any more” Grrr…