Microsoft discusses Windows 8 app store, 'feature teams' & more

Microsoft discusses Windows 8 app store, ‘feature teams’ & more.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Microsoft discussed several facets of its upcoming Windows 8 platform this week. Some of the revelations were surprising, with others decidedly more pedestrian. App store support, while expected, was officially confirmed for the company's next big release.

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“When we started building Windows 8 we had a clear sense of the direction we were heading and so we built a team structure to support that direction,” he wrote. “We have about 35 feature teams in the Windows 8 organization. Each feature team has anywhere from 25-40 developers, plus test and program management, all working together.”

Lets see, 35 teams of 40 developers at 100,000 lines of code per developer equals an incredible amount of useless code. All on top of the OS which will probably eat up another 100 gigs of drive space and still come with a flawed Browser and no email client. Not to mention the inevitable twice daily “Security Updates”.

Any sales on 3+ terrabyte drives?

Linux never looked better!