Microsoft discovers pre-installed malware in Chinese made computers

I just posted the article Microsoft discovers pre-installed malware in Chinese made computers.


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Yet another reason why one should never run a “pirated” version of an operating system that someone downloaded from a torrent…

Aren’t all compouter (except Systemax) made in China?

Yes, virtually all computers are made in China or possibly Taiwan these days. The ones that were found with malware preinstalled were being sold within China. The 20% infection rate was a bit misleading I thought, considering the small sample size that Microsoft actually bought from various retail outlets. But that fact didn’t appear in The Verge article.

Think about sticking a small command in an HDD ROM. Something in an audio-chipset on a motherboard. In a LAN chip. All it needs to be is a small ‘phone home/accept return’ command set, too. Activated during OS installation, probably by the Administrator account, too.

Holy KGB, Batman!

Well, decision-makers saw big profits in offshore-ing this production. We trust the economies are so tightly connected that we’ll all do the best for each other as well as ourselves.

Mankind is famous, after all, for always doing what’s best.

cough cough, choke choke…

I understand that intel is building hardware level VNC into motherboards …
Most pc components are manufactured in either thailand/china/maslaysia/south korea … and increasingly china …

At HP they call this ILO2 :slight_smile: