Microsoft develops customized Windows 10 version for Chinese government


Microsoft has developed a customized version of Windows 10 for the Chinese government. It’s not exactly known what changes the American software giant has made to the operating system, but in general the Chinese are worried about hidden backdoors that can be used by foreign secret services.

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I seem to recall reading an article post a few years about about China’s government dumping Windows in favor of GNU/Linux. IDK if I read that here on Myce, or on (maybe both?), but I do remember the reasoning behind this decision: backdoors. It’s no secret that free (as in freedom) and open source programs are too transparent to be able to hide backdoors in the code, thus making it harder to hide malware in GNU/Linux.


Probably includes what blood type and how your health is so in case there is a organ donation needed they know whom to come and get for the donation. Along with seeing and watching everything your doing 24/7 without your knowledge or permission. What a wonderful life isn’t it.


Wasn’t China’s version call Linux Red or Red Linux or similar? (Very early stage dementia/alzymer so beginning to have issues)


You might be thinking of Red Hat Enterprises, a multi-national company best known for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. IDK if that’s what China is using, though. I think Red Hat Enterprise Linux is geared towards large organizations, so I think Red Hat Enterprise is a logical choice.


Thanks for clarifying this! Very helpful. I love this forum, so much to learn!


No, not Red Hat. The Chinese version was called Red Flag. Missed it by --> <-- that much. :eek: