Microsoft developing "throwaway sandbox" for Windows 10

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Microsoft is developing a new feature for Windows 10 Enterprise that allows administrators to run untrusted executables in a temporary sandbox if there is doubt about the safety of the file. The new feature is called inPrivate Desktop.

Acronis True Image has a sandbox feature called Try and Decide which has provided the sandbox feature for several years.

Geez, that’s a lot of RAM to run ONE untrustworthy program. Microsoft, could you please stop pretending we all have many gigs of RAM to throw at simple tasks? Some of us don’t like spending large quantities of money on one or two programs. A simple task shouldn’t take an entire gig of RAM, much less several gigs.

@Vbritt Comodo Internet Security also has sandbox functionality. I don’t think it takes several gigs of RAM, but I could be wrong.

That’s good to know @TSJnachos117.