Microsoft developer: Mozilla should also contribute to Chromium instead of 'building parallel universe'


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A tweet from Microsoft developer Kenneth Auchenberg received a lot of criticism. His tweet was a response to a blog on the Mozilla website that was posted in December last year, where Mozilla commented on the decision from Microsoft to switch from Edge’s own EdgeHTML engine to Chromium.


Microsoft to Mozilla: we support monopolistic web technologies, why don’t you? Stop being so pro-user and pro-freedom, and start being pro-Google right now!

Just some corporate mouthpiece’s personal opinion.


Awful point of view to have when involved with the development of web technologies. I find it rather astonishing in his position as a project manager for their web dev branch he’d be that brazen, given both the company’s prior history, the fact they only recently ceased work on their own engine to kowtow to Google’s mostly due to Google’s domination of the space that they couldn’t keep up with and how that has affected site testing and development for mostly a single engine only for much of the modern web.

Prior to this I had commented that I didn’t see Edge’s move to Blink as the worst for compatibility sake though did recognize its affect on the diversity front but this puts a bad taste in my mouth about it.


Consolidating some further thoughts on this I think there are hints of sour grapes to his comments. Microsoft are a huge company, maintained the most dominant browser for the longest period before losing marketshare to the upstart Mozilla with Firefox and later competing against also Google with Chrome.

In moving IE’s successor Edge to Chrome’s engine it’s in various ways a concession that they simply couldn’t keep up the pace. Perhaps there were budget cuts. This reflects on the Edge team and their legacy and these comments come off as a bit of deflection and a jab at a company who despite being smaller than Microsoft have still managed to maintain a browser engine that does compete with behemoths.


It is easier to control the masses when we all use the same web browser. Globalists push this stuff hourly and don’t seem to realize the “masses” want none of it.