Microsoft denounces Hollywood DRM Jihad



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Microsoft has spoken about the current proposed copy protections the entertainment industry is planning to force in computers and software. In an essay on their website they make clear how they…

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Yep ol’ MS doesn’t want anthing else alongside the one or two third party programs to slow windoze down even more…:7


Tremendous!!! What a refreshing article… esp. as it comes from Microsoft. And it is most welcome. A little thought here though… Just a few weeks ago Microsoft tried to stop the name LindowsOS being used by Michael Robertson who is an advocate of downloading software through the digital media. LindowsOS, for those who don’t know what I’m on about, is a new operating system due for release later this year based on the Linux format and will run most MS software inc. Word, Publisher etc and many other Windows based progs. No wonder MS are worried. I am not pushing this as I don’t even know if I’ll use it but if you’re curious the site to look at is Let’s see this whole copy-protection crap pushed aside coz it deserves nowt and does no-one any favours. Keep smiling : We’re about to take the World Cup by storm… come on England!!! :4:4


lindows is linux with wine installed =) only now much is done already for you instead of having it to install yourself :slight_smile:


I love the line “In spite of an on-line world full of serialz and cracks and infested with horrible, thieving people, it does actually manage to make a sale once in a while.” I guess we know how Microsoft views the general public! and I guess they certainly do make a sale once in a while! But I can’t figure out why anyone would want to sell things to horrible, thieving people… :d


Hey, MS seem to be following a new trend these days. They really seem to be trying to be Mr nice these days. Look at the trillian site to see more examples as MS actually contacted trillian to warn them of changes they were going to make to messenger so that Trillian could adapt their software. That gave me a big enough shock, this just added to it. I wonder if it’s a new policy in place to start actually being a company that people like instead of a hated company.


iamrocket, Things are being sold to paying people. There is no sale is thievery.


Well, it probably is M$ biggest problem as a company - the fact that no-one likes them. It wouldn’t cost them must to earn our respect - like dropping the price of Windows for home users to £20, and perhaps Office for £30. The attitude change seems to be a good idea too.


the111, As nice as that’d be it’s a bit far fetched. A LOT of work goes into Windows and it takes a LOT of man hours. That price is way too low. Their current asking price though is a little steep.


DawnLoader, I know that “no sale is thievery” but in the statement MS makes, they imply that the internet is infested with ‘thieves and horrible people’. Well you and I are on the internet aren’t we… I guess that puts us under suspicion, especially you… hehe :8


I’d just like to point out that this article contains both quotes from the Microsoft essay and original work (which is not in quotes). The Microsoft essay makes no mention of “an on-line world full of serialz and cracks and infested with horrible, thieving people”. The italicized text is all from The Register, but only the quoted italicized text is from the original essay. Microsoft’s essay does not use such strong language; this is just the Register’s (perhaps accurate) interpretation of the essay. The original essay is linked from the Register article. As another note, consider how much bigger IBM, Motorola, and Phillips are than, say, even Microsoft and Intel combined. The BIG tech companies, especially Phillips, have the real muscle here. The risk is in these rediculous laws being passed and making life wors for EVERYONE for a while until it is repealed. Can you say Prohibition?? I’m getting down from my soapbox…


Heh, the essay is also linked from the top of this page. Extra points for paying attention. :0