Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour for Xbox 360

I just posted the article Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour for Xbox 360.

Yet again, Microsoft denied another Blu-ray for Xbox 360 rumour, this time with it officially denying that it is working with the Taiwanese manufacturer Lite-On to develop Blu-ray drives for its Xbox…

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they will have to move to blu-ray HD-DVD is dead

They also denied HD DVD support until they announced the external HD DVD drive. However I would not be surprised at all if MS decided not to bother with BR. They seem to want to push the digital downloads & Live service. And after the press lately about the high costs of BR (all the royalties etc…) I would not be surprised if it would end up being too expensive to even offer an external BR drive. Time will tell… Anyhow, having your game platform your also be your movie-viewing platform is a bad idea for several reasons.

Digital distribution is the future.

@ Abe you must be kidding… M$ have serious troubles with relicensing when a dead console contains any downloaded material… how could they really rely on such a service then ? And who wants to redownload everything when the storage hw crashes, not to mention the net speed is not the same all around the world… yet the other factors which might cost alot more than any physical media are not mentioned. No question, the physical media is still the BEST way to go for, unfortunately M$ cannot accept that they have to support their competitor ($ony) so that’s why they refuse BR at this time…

It’s all fine and dandy for MS to say they won’t do Bluray, at least with the current crop of games. But as games begin using the higher capacity available to them on Bluray, MS will have no choice but to get on board. Otherwise they cede the large and immersive future games market to Sony, as typical bandwidth to homes doesn’t make downloading 40GB games very practical, and would limit potential market penetration too much.
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They also denied HD DVD “rumors” back in 2007. I kinda chuckled at this particular sites blast from the past. It’s fun to read the comments and how they said MIcrosoft doesn’t want to step on any gamers toes etc. The HD DVD drive (internal) would just make it too expensive! LOOL! Wait till these cats get a load of Vista Ultimate…I guess MS doesn’t care about poor saps that use their OS. Article Link: Forum :S
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