Microsoft delays launch of Xbox in Japan



I just posted the article Microsoft delays launch of Xbox in Japan.

Several months ago we already reported about a possible delay of the X-box in Japan. Today C|Net reports about this delay. Microsoft said the Japanese launch the Xbox game console has been moved to…

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That’s not a excuse they are hiding from the real truth and that is people hated the damn thing at E3. :r P.S: What are they thinking by using DVD9


Micosoft’s Xbox willl fail. Xbox has no long term Japanese support,companies such as Namco,Square,Konami and Capcom are all taking a wait and see attitude as far as future software titles are concerned. All major Japanese game companies are only doing one title for the Xbox and are waiting to see if the Xbox can get market penetration and become a viable platform.Microsoft has a vast amount of available funds,but they do not have established connections with the powerhouse consle game software companies. I think that the “Next Generation Console War” will not materialize. The systems will be ranked as follows Sony PS2 followed by Nintendo Game Cube and lastly Microsoft Xbox. Sony is in the driver’s seat and there is not a thing that Microsoft can do to change that. Once Microsoft realizes that the Xbox will not make a profit they will discontinue it just like they did with WEB TV.


hehe good post! WebTV hehehe :8


i’m not agree :+ ps2 games sux because of the ps2 hardware avec game cube are for kiddies ! so i think xbox could win !


Around this time next year we’ll know…so just wait and see :wink:


I hate all game consoles…


Renegadestorm you wrong! Namco, Square, Konami and Capcom will be assimilated! :slight_smile: Borg Gates ROX! “You will be assimilated”


I think thatrenegadestorm is right, I think that X-box has no chance… sure it has good graphic, but good looking outfit doesn’t make you good person, or good in this time, good game. I think that PS2 has more that enough to keep X-box not so popular. X-box won’t have anything good coming. I doesn’t have anything so great that people would buy X-box to get to play that game. they don’t have games like MGS2… like MGS1 MGS2 will probaly be best game to PS2, at least for a while. And if you say that PS2 doesn’t have good grapichs, then I say that you are FOOL. Like I said graphics doesn’t mean so much. When I got computer, I played Civilization, I could have played any great game, but I didn’t want cause Civ had something different, it beats NHL200x, quake any time, not with graphic but by it’s gane. X_box will have only games (at least in the beginning) that have onlder versions on PC, like NHL, quake, oddworld… sure it has good graphics, but are you sure it will have that good graphic that they promiss… I doubt that.


No point slamming a console that hasnt even been released yet. Playstation 2 is nothing more than a over priced DVD player, for a next gen console its pretty crap. Look at the Dreamcast, better graphics and games at 1/4 of the price.