Microsoft declares Linux defeated, Apple & Google are biggest rivals

Microsoft declares Linux defeated, Apple & Google are biggest rivals.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Approximately 90% of the time a company's annual report is enough to turn me into a zombie who will only be satiated by brains and/or chocolate.  Microsoft's lawyers apparently know this fact and decided to make things interesting this year. The 2011 annual report was far more interesting than expected discussing how Microsoft viewed Linux as well as who they view as top competitors.

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Android and Chrome OS are both linux. Back end of Chrome OS is Gentoo. Android is a stand alone linux distro.

I could almost agree with the idea that Linux on the desktop has been defeated but not by any forces outside such as Microsoft. I’m still using Gnome 2.whatever on Ubuntu 10.04LTS. I have about 18 months to watch and see what atrocities the KDE / Gnome/ Unity develop into and look for an alternative. If the dang guys had gotten together and merged some for the features from Gnome 2.x and KDE 3.x, we’d all have been further ahead but, as with particles of like charges, they’ve gone flying off in widely divergent directions and, I fear, been part of the reasoning for Canonical to try and push this Unity desktop which is widely divergent again from either Gnome or KDE.

And, of course, I agree with the previous comment. Microsoft hasn’t recognized their daily dose of irony calling Google/Android and Chrome as major competitors without mentioning that these are primarily Linux based. My Android phone even shows what version of Linux it’s based on. :slight_smile:

Windoze 7 - $249.00 (pretty pictures, bloated OS)
Office 2010 - $249.00 (functional but bloated)

Ubuntu (pick a Version) Free (functional and bulletproof)
Open Office - Free (functional and bulletproof)

  • Does however require more than 2 functioning Grey Cells

You do the math.

I’m not arguing the money price or operating stability but there’s an intangible price in lacking interoperability. I’ve used Ubuntu since about Dapper Drake and the desktop has been fairly consistent from then until they decided to go with the Unity desktop. My jury is still out on that one. I’ll have to spend some more time with it on a test machine. People, two brain cells or more, can have a problem moving from one desktop to another if the newly installed desktop environment is one they are not used to. That’s a hidden cost and not related to stability or security. Hell, I know a fellow who’s still running Kubuntu 8.04 LTS because he couldn’t adapt to KDE 4 or even Gnome 2 in Ubuntu 10.04. He has some problems but as a fellow with a doctorate in mathematics I wouldn’t want to call him just plain stupid.

That’s always been the one advantage that Windows has had; consistency across desktops on different machines even with different user’s configurations.

Yeah and since they spent $250 million on a Linux purchase from Novell I would’nt call it a defeat.

Now let’s hope they don’t go back to krappy OS’s since there’s less competition.

And like others have said with the Chrome & Android OS’s & the major shift to Tablets & Mobile devices, Linux is still a player.

Security ? HA what a joke.
Easy to use familiar interface ? Then why is it that I, as an XP user, can’t stand and get lost in the Vista / Win 7 / 2008 server interfaces ?

I’m sure MS is nervous, with the insane success of the iPad and suddenly-very-popular Mac Air’s, and of course Android devices. The desktop is going the way of the dinosaur, or maybe more the way 18-wheeler trucks. They will be around but more often to service our mobile devices and hard core PC gamers as time goes on.