Microsoft criticizes Sony for including Blu-ray in PS3



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 It looks  like Microsoft is throwing gas on the flames in the battle of the  blue laser high definition formats. In an interview on Eurogamer, they blasted  Sony for making people buy a Blu-ray...
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I´m not a fan of this DRM-shit that Blu-Ray includes, but MS and HD-DVD is not better; I hope Sony will make it with BD.


This coming from the company that wants to nickel and dime it’s customers with addons for it’s games and for it’s peripherals? 2 bux for some custom armour, how about you pay for some demo games to play, oh you want an exclusive level that SHOULD Have been included in the final game. Give me a break with this FUD. All they are trying to do is talk shit cause they know the PS3 will be better then their XBOX 360. Yes the price is huge, and hey I am not a Sony fanboy, but the possiblities for the PS3 look good. Just kill the DRM crap


And what do you think Sony is going to do with their online setup? Give it to ya for free? LOL! No, Sony just forces you to buy a drive that most won’t be taking advantage, since most don’t have HDTVs.


It doesn’t take a genius to see that MS is just using a reverse psychology marketing ploy that only illustrates how desperate they are. Let’s just humor them. How many other game consoles in the past have had their own proprietary method of delivering the games in? From cartridges to discs of all kinds, so what does it matter to MS if Sony decides to use a 50gb disc to play some truly awesome HD gaming? It will be awesome when we get to have the added value of playing B-Ray movies but even if Sony didn’t win the blue-ray war, their console system will be most versatile and powerful on the market (regarding market share with the ability to be backwards compatible.) As long as their pricing is understandably reasonable this console will have and will hold its value. It’s unlike MS’ thinking, they usually always pushing the envelope innovatively speaking. They say we should wait 1-3 years… a lot of us wanted it early last year. MS… They’re jealous. Don’t be a player hater (pun intended).


As i said before…im getting ps3 for the blu ray drive…all them tv series etc on just a few discs,obviously when the price drops…im not worried about High Definition at all as im happy enough with dvd quality now so drm wont effect me regarding movies as they will be ripped from bog standard dvd which will still be around for years :X


this is rich coming from MS, MS wants a monopoly…how dare Sony try to break it up. As far as I know Betamax was the best as most of TV companys used it. Im don’t rate Ms think they are holding computing back for their own benefit as this shows. I hope the ps3 screws the xbox…I will buy a ps3 certinaly not a xbox…


Hmm sounds like a war… but let me remind everyone that this is a GAME system and Blu-Ray at 45G is too large for any game… So that leaves movies… but wait! In the US there are legions of HDTVs that do not have the “new” HDMI hook up and without it, this fancy new drive won’t work properly! So if you are paying for this new {expensive} setup it is for something that will not likely be used. I have one of those HDTVs… only composite cable setup. Do they think I’m going to purchase another HDTV just for their system? Lastly I have found that Sony multi use setups are really not a good match. Case in point would be the PS2… Ever try to play DVD+R recordings on it? DVD+R is Sony’s only standard…some play…others stutter…some don’t. On a stand alone DVD play all play perfectly. Bahhh Sony would be better to have the unit come out with a good quality DVD player and have the Blu-Ray as solid add on. Microsoft may have been motivated by something else, but the end result was correct.


This thing is not priced as a games machine anymore anyways, playing games just seems to be one of its many talents. I say, let those who want a blu-ray drive fork out the cash for it, i don’t want it (and have no interest in it at all) so i refuse to pay a premium for a PS3 simply because Sony is desperate to cram another format down my throat. The 360 is by far the better option, full stop end of story.


Bring on th WII


Oh boy, mayhem. I love a good fight. My money is on HD-DVD. When it comes down in price and the DRM gets cracked, I’m on it like white on rice. :slight_smile:


Well it’s hard to believe anyone would want to willingly buy the PS3. Good luck to you, especially since Sony are trying to ban the sale of used games. Why anyone would want to support that kind of business, I have no idea. I would never support Sony, and I have a similar opinion toward Microsoft. If Sony win, especially with the ban on selling used games, we all lose.


MS doesn’t really give a shit about Blu-ray or HD-DVD. They would rather all optical data storage mediums disappeared so they can shove their NET strategy down people’s throat. MS’s biggest threat is Google, Not Sony. MS’s dominance of the desktop is coming under attack. I say **** MS and **** SONY. I’m using SUSE 10.1 as my desktop OS of choice and I’m quite pleased with it. /edit: regarding ****; don’t use these words, there are other ways for submitting your feelings. :wink: Thanks
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Yes Microsoft is mad at Sony because Microsoft wanted Sony to do well. Microsoft is so sad Sony might not do as well because they added a drive that xbox 360 couldn’t include on there drive. Only if Microsoft waited a year they probably could of added an hd-dvd drive into the system. They rushed it and they are now scared.


Im not buying anything till they agree on one standard… Hate to buy into all the hype of one product just to see it die… One product will beat out the other, till then Ill be at the sidelines watching and waiting… And when the standard is finalized, Ill have to upgrade my TV to take advantage of it… :r


Magnetic Hard Drive Manufacturers are trying their best to brain wash people into thinking something new and untested will not work. BS ! Anybody that believe this crap from MS had better study their history books. MS and Hard Drive Manuer Factories are full of it ! :X


As much as I am a huge XBOX 360 fan and despise Sony right now, I must say I’m still am dissapointed that 360 relies on standard DVD 8.5 GB storage for games. Blu Ray is not all about movies, its about storage. The more complex HD games that are coming will start to really push the limits of DVD storage. PS3 will likely be around until 2011 - 2012 based on PS2’s life cycle. By 2010, a system as poweful as PS3 (or 360) with no HD storage is going to look pretty lame to me.


i hate when peole start to bitch about the DVD standard used with the 360. Lets just break down the whole argument. 1) Microsoft uses compression techniques to fit more data on the DVD anyways. 2) Every PS3 game will be on blu-ray (every, not just the later ones all of them will be), so that pushes up the price of next gen games on the PS3 right away. Its primary market is gamers, who are not going to want to have to pay a premium over the 360 especially when the difference in graphics hardly exists if at all. 3) Even if you do need more storage space for games, the 25GB offered on a single layer blu-ray disc is still over 10GB too much. 4) DVD is a reliable well tested technology. Blu-ray is not. So whats going to happen to your precious £60 games, there gona get scratched. And before you start bitching about how the 360 scratched discs, maybe you shouldn’t move it while playing a game! 5) Even if the 360 goes the way of the gamecube, so what, it means you have to get off your lazy ass and change a disc over for 1 game in every 50. People are so lazythey would rather pay one hell of a premium so it means they don’t have to get off their chair once in a while.


Yes… XBox360 will become cheap price-wise when DVD will be fucking dead (this or the lame “Insert DVD#2” somewhere). You can get a DVD or a BD-DVD. The only difference is that the BD-DVD also plays BD-disks. You’re arguing that BD-games will be more expensive ? Yeah, I buy that one… which part of the 30 cents worth pressed disk production price is going to get expensive ? Oh, yeah! You don’t need an HD device right now, but PS3 will last at least four years… Are you sure that there will be no HD ready TV in your house before 2011 ? More than this: no HDMI ? get the low price PS3. no HDMI but DVI ? get a HDMI->DVI converter. Not sure ? You passed the test! I think you’ll be happy to buy MS HD-DVD box since it won’t run games (X360 games are DVD9 ONLY) and you’re limited to component out… at the same price of a PS3.
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I dont know how it is in Europe or America, but over here in Japan the factor to whether Sony or MS will win is not Bluray or HD-DVD. The format or quality of graphics is only the 2nd or 3rd factor when buying any gamemachine over here. It will be the games that will decide between XBOX and PS3. If the game is crap and only the graphics is good nobody will buy it. But on the other hand if the game is realy funny and superb then graphics doesnt play a big role. As to MS criticizing Sony. That is BS. Sony has the right to use any format for its games. If the games are good people will buy the PS3 if XBOX360 has the better games people will buy the Xbox. If the user only wants to watch Bluray /HD-DVD movies he buys a normal Bluray/HD-DVD player which will presumably be much cheaper and eaysier to use. So the PS3 maybe more than a normal gamemachine but I think its main target will be Gamers and not normal movie watchers. I dont think people who dont want to play games will buy either of the two. Btw some of my friends already have started to pre-order a PS3 only because FinalFantasyXIII and Grand Tourismo are likely to be released on PS3.
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