Microsoft critical update to nag users out of Windows piracy

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 Even  though Microsoft has stayed clear of crippling their software CDs with copy  protection, they have been relying heavily on their Product Activation and  Windows Genuine Advantage to help...
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that’s exactly why i returned my dell notebook pc. after doing a clean install, windows xp complained about not having valid license, so i called ms help line, but they refused to give me a validation key & told me to contact dell which did not help me either, of course. the “anti-ms” sentiment will graw if ms is squeeze out every penny from pc users. i am currently migrating to linux & using win 2k. linux hasn’t been really great for me either as there are many technical problems i had to face without much of helps. linux camp really needs to work on easy-to-use side, but i cannot complain as the system has been stable & free if apple releases mac os x for pc, that will be very interesting

the latest cracked wga by eth0 still works after this crappy nagware is installed :)!

A s Overclocker, i never instal SP2 or updates. They turn my PC more slow and instable. Only use SP1 & 2 patches for w32SASSA. Never visit weird sites, i use Kaspersky virus, Sygate Firewall, and Ad-ware, Search & Destroy… XP-Antispy, after format my PC and i disable all that crap… I :B on Virus and Worms… Problems? I format my PC:S I have 2 more partitions…lolol Updates=Noobies stuff:+:S

Keep in mind that you DON’T HAVE TO install it. Instead of clicking EXPRESS, first run the famous Java Script and then click on CUSTOM and choose what you want to update and install. You can simply UNCHECK the WGA Thing and not download it. :d But seeing how more and more pain in the ass this is becoming, I might just give in and buy Vista once it comes out. So I guess MicroShit is winning with me in that regard.

> Problems? I format my PC HA! Formatting=Noobies Stuff!

I guess this is fair. The problem is can they ever be trusted with any future updates and what those updates may install that you don’t know about. My XP is real but those updates last week really drove the computer nuts so I deleated them. I think im done with MS updates. I got enough allready

I can confirm this WGA Notifications Update is available in Ireland as I’ve seen several PCs with this coming up as a critical update. However, just be warned that like most other critical updates the PC must be rebooted after installation of this, so for those curious in checking if their work/office PC is running a legitimate Windows OS :p, I would recommend waiting until the person is free to reboot their PC afterwards to avoid the periodic “Your computer needs to restart” notification.

I just checked here in CANADA and it shows up too: High-priority updates Microsoft Windows XP Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474) Download size: 829 KB , less than 1 minute The Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool notifies you if your copy of Windows is not genuine. If your system is found to be a non-genuine, the tool will help you obtain a licensed copy of Windows. Details… Don’t show this update again

M$ should just be shot. There is no way we will pay for their shitty software. Unless it comes with the mobo/machine itself :stuck_out_tongue:

Two things: 1. Microsoft are victims of their own success. They simply own the dektop OS market, so blocking Microsoft updates may backfire when “genuine” Windows machines will be infected with viruses etc. I don’t see Microsoft blocking security updates in the near future. 2. To all of the smartasses who whine about Windows being a shitty software. This is a bunch of crap. I have been in the PC business for a long time, and Windows was always more appealing than other OS’s (yes, including OS/2). And all you Linux-heads, the purpose of a PC is to be a commodity, not a scientific/academic/work-for-2-days-to-get-5-seconds-results product. As a consumer products Windows is a much better solution than any Linux out there (give your aunt a Linux machine as a present…she will disown you after one day). Perhaps Apple’s OS is a good one, but Apples machines are extremely expensive and forces you to use a small set of very expensive hardware. So cut the crap.
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Yronnen hit the nail on the head. Sorry everyone, but Windows is the best thing going. It has been since the introduction of Windows 2000. I’ve tried many, many Linux distros and have yet to find one that comes close to doing everything I need it to do with a minimum of headaches. Linux proponents like to tout how easy it is to use, but most Linux proponents are attached to their computers at the brain. Those of us who are artists, writers, or any other vocation whose main focus isn’t having the cover off of our computer every other day simply aren’t interested in working with semi-working systems. That’s the point: that’s why MicroSoft won. They figured out that the more distance they could put between the end user and the guts of the OS/machine, the more widely accepted it would be. Until Linux comes up with something that is the same way – and by the way, at least SOMEWHAT intuitive to use – they’ll flounder. Linux proponents crack me up: it’s sort of like the master mechanic laughing at me because I don’t know how to replace the engine in my car, yet still drive it. (“Good grief! You drive it every day. You should at least know how to dismantle the engine and transaxle, rebore the cylinders, grind the valves, re-ring the pistons, prime the oil pump, replace the bearings … if you don’t, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive, you stupid noob!”) Granted, with DRM being what it is, the PIA factor may be greater to stay with MS than to move to another platform. And the Linux options are always getting better. But Windows simply isn’t as bad as everyone wants to make it out to be. It works, it’s popular, and MS holds all the cards. In our world, that means we have to hate it. But, that’s just silly. (Same thing applies to other spheres in life, by the way.)

I wish there was more flexibility with the serial numbers. I own an original copy of XP Professional that i bought when XP came out, so sp1 or sp2 are not incorporated. xp has been out so long, that i gutted my computer at once point, ripped out the motherboard and cpu, (a p3 800) and replaced them with a p4 800. I didn’t do much with the old board (gave it to my bro maybe), but it was enough to make my key invalid. had to argue with MS on the phone, then when i had a similar problem again after upgrading the HD’s and adding a dvd burner, I said fuckit and just used a pirated code, and a pirated copy of the software as it didn’t have the license check in it. i don’t really mind paying for windows, its al ittle expensive, but i feel xp has been around so long, that i got my money’s worth out of it. just wish microsoft would be a little more leniant in the licensing to accomodate system upgrades a little more.

Im a little suprized about them giving you trouble. I think every 180 days the clock resets and you can do it over the net. I have talked to the validation center once. She was nice about it. She asked why I needed to, I told here a new system, she asked it my other copy of xp was no longer installed. I told her that drive was formated and now was just another empty drive. I got the numbers no problems.

My autom. update is always switched off - if I want updates I select “Notifiy me but dont automaticallydownload or install them”… then you can DL all the stuff you want and de-select shit like THIS thing or the Malicious Software Removal Tool.

some nice person :wink: Figerd out how to get rid of this anoyence here

It requires registration. Any way of posting that info here?

Heh, gonna try naggin are they? Thats like Microsoft Wife 2.0 :smiley:

Its getting to the point where I won’t upgrade Win XP. The download for the upgrades is already TOO MUCH. I have a legit copy but enough is enough. I bet Microsoft’s next step is to force automatic download. Do I smell DRM comming? Its time for Open Source Operating System and I don’t mean Linux.

This is the start of DRM and soon you will not be able to stop this crap automatically downloading and installing onto your computer.