Microsoft could face court over 'misleading' XP terms

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Microsoft could face court again because they do not give specific details about the installation of Windows XP. For example no upper limit on the number of re-installations is given. This is a…

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AND… it’ll be cracked in 10 minutes anyway. as always, it isn’t the pirate that suffers, its the consumer.

Yeah, I have to agree. There are already cracks and “workarounds” for every Beta version of this OS already. No doubt this will be true of the RTM and Final build also. As the111 said, it’s only the consumer that’s going to lose out. But what’s new about that?

As with all MS shit, there will be cracked and released before or the same day… I already have Office XP and it rocks… No problems, no beta… And the thing isnt in the stores yet… Its great… Thanks MS…

MS is just so lame to think that people will buy their software more. When will they understand that only the big companies buy their software and not the small private users. They have to focus on the big companies and not on the small shrimps :wink: