Microsoft COO: Windows 10 won’t be free



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Rumors that Windows 10 might be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users, or even to everyone, have been debunked by Microsoft’s Chief Operating Office (COO), Kevin Turner.

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How Microsoft plans to increase its revenue from Windows will be released soon according to Turner, “The business model stuff will be out in probably the early part of 2015.”

Here’s something MS make a O/S that does what the General public wants where they can customize it to their needs and end users will upgrade or buy the new O/S. Simple Business model 101…fill the need and they will buy it…


I suppose these “add-ons” will include exciting new features, such as the ability to install software from third-parties, and the ability to change their desktop backgrounds. In other words, things Windows 3.x could do.

I also suppose the “lifetime of the customer” meas “as long as the customer continues to pay for the exact same features again and again and again”. In other words, unless you are willing to pay subscription fees for several “add-ons” (each presumably available for a ridiculous price), the OS will be so crippled, no one will want to use it. I guess there is gib money to be made in ransomeware.


I hate upgrading OS unless there’s something in the newer version I want or need and plan to continue using WinXP as long as I can. However, I’ll be forced to upgrade in a couple of years because Quickbooks won’t install on WinXP beginning with the 2015 version of Quickbooks. There’s a link to the free classic shell for Windows 8.1 about half way down the page at, and just below that it states those improvements make it as good as Windows 7 if you don’t have a touch screen and further states it’s faster than Windows 7 making it better. I’m considering this option for my situation because I want to avoid any subscription based OS or ransomware as long as possible, and I’ve seen Windows 8.1 license and media for $70 online.


As long as WinX isn’t server based to use and you can install and activate from phone or internet like Windows 7-I can live with that. But push Metro and you can guess what O/S I be still using Windows 7. All those fancy software to make Win8 to Win7 is waste of time and security risk-you should think those hackers already are going to exploit those 3 party apps to get to your Windows O/S system and if they break that then your O/S protection is worthless. Windows itself is already a security landscape and 3rd party apps to make it look Win7 is asking for more problems then what your trying to fix.