Microsoft considers opensource to be insecure

I just posted the article Microsoft considers opensource to be insecure.

Microsoft considers opensource to be insecure. Because of the enormous amount of code (millions of lines of code) it’s quite hard to check wether there are errors indeed and when that’s done it…

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Well, I think M$ will do almost anything to dis-credit Open Source… If M$ Windows/Office were Open Source they would be free - and then M$ would make less money! Open Source is probably more secure as more people can find and fix the security holes. Non Open Source programs can actually have secret backdoors. Think about that!

Personally, I think MS says that because if their products ever become opensource (bah, ya right), people will find the bugs, correct them and people won’t need to download their damn “Servce Packets”…hehe, that’s my way of thinking :4

M$ just don’t want to have it open source because they know someone will take it and make a Hybrid of that and Linux making it a better OS. :wink:

People, just rethink :wink: There was a time, were M$ was blaimed to spy userinformation. Keylogging and some other things. There have been many evidences against M$, but nobody could proof his clues. So, and now they don´t want to give out the source … They telling you, it is unsecure for them. Yes, you know why ? People may really find out, what M$ has added to their OS without us knowing it … One time I had a talk to an sysadmin of a really big company. He told me: On one computer he had running a old Winword, really old mates :slight_smile: And he said, everything was a little unstable. And he tried to turn back the date. He had no evidence, but he said, the systems was stable again. So, I have my doubts people … For me this is true: Microsoft = Spyware :r But, everbody should have his own opinion, so, think whatever you believe :slight_smile: