Microsoft considers developing its own portable to rival iPod

I just posted the article Microsoft considers developing its own portable to rival iPod.

 Since  Apple led the portable digital audio player market with its iPod, Microsoft has  tried several methods of making its Windows DRM technology 'superior' to the  iPod's FairPlay DRM used on...
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In order to make a dent in iPod sales, they need to come up with an intuitive player that has many of the shortcomings that the current iPods have, i.e. radio, voice recorder, replaceable rechargable batteries, etc… If they can get this into an attractive package similar to the iPods, they may stand a chance…

i agree highly with the last part of the article, that Microsoft should work on fixing there bugs rather then taking everything over. Would you really want Microsoft controling the world?

I agree in part with both comments so far. There is definatly room in the market for them but… Microsoft have never as far as i know realesed a product thats actualy finnished. I always seem to get the Feeling that windows xp is a beta version, numerious patches forever comming out ect…

I have no problem with MS developing a player and I’m not myopic enough to say “stick to fixing your bugs”. That’s typical anti-MS rubbish. If they had, we wouldn’t have the terrific product that is XBox360. We need even more viable alternatives (there are already some from Creative Labs and Samsung) to the overpreiced, over-trendy, poorly designed lemming-fodder that Apple typically foists upon consumers. MS is one of the very few companies that has the technical savvy, end-user savvy and clout to get it right. MS take over the world? I’d sooner they do something with the music world than either Apple or Sony. While MS is proprietary, it’s under enough scrutiny that it will be less malevolent and comtemptuous of customers than either of the aforementioned other two companies. Think XP is a beta? Try developing an OS that does as much as it does (Linux can’t hold a candle to it in the consumer arena) and see how complex YOUR life becomes.
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m$ jerks on the run, again… Guess who owns Apple, muhaha.

microsoft will probably release it under priced just to get a better market share :d especially now when the high-density perpendicular recording method is the new best thing in the hard drive business we’ll get smaller hard drives and the HDD players will go much smaller this will be the main reason to charge us more money for the new gen HDD players we need more vompetitors in media player market and no Microsoft will do any harm to that :g