Microsoft confirms Windows 7 upgrade problems

I just posted the article Microsoft confirms Windows 7 upgrade problems.

Microsoft is looking into reports that some Windows 7 upgrades loop continuously upon installation, among other problems.

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Good I didn’t upgrade yet :smiley:

Why upgrade when you can have a clean install :wink:

It referenced download versions from digital river.

I wonder if any one with retail copies are having any problems.

I have had no problems with full installations so far.

Hi :slight_smile:
Despite publishing this.

Reading the small print MS has always stated a preference for clean install.
So much so.
That initially there wasn’t going to any upgrade versions made available.
That has probably only changed for financial reasons & not technical.

I thought “In-Place Upgrade” was just another way of saying User Error.

I just bought the “Upgrade” and did a complete install with it. Had no problems at all.

The in place upgrade installed fine for me but I lost all hdd performance (AHCI problem). Then booted from dvd did a clean install and all was well again.

Win7 is cool once all problems are sorted (watch the error log)

I just did a fresh install on a laptop here at work . . . BitLocker is encrypting the drive now.

The only issue I’ve ran into was when I enable TPM support for BitLocker that the audio service died. I’m not sure why . . . but I’m waiting for the drive to encrypt before I investigate.

I have tried, on numerous occasions, to upgrade from Vista HP to Windows 7 HP. The result has always been the same - hanging (at 62%) and reverting to Vista. I tried the recommended “fixes” and at one stage got to 63% but it then again rolled back to Vista. Looking at previous posts I can confirm that I am given an option for a clean install. Is this my only way out? I would prefer simply to upgrade as I am not particularly savvy with technology.

There is a problem with Windows 7 Starter upgrade as it is not possible from a number of countries. Thus some Netbook users have to stick with the over-simplified starter edition of Windows 7…

[QUOTE=MP|3;2457884]Good I didn’t upgrade yet :D[/QUOTE]

Same for me I bought a full version of Win7x64 ultimate and did a clean full install and windows update and haven’t had any problems since…:cool:

I had that 62% and 63% problem when trying to upgrade my Vista Ultimate boxes (one 32-bit, one 64-bit) to Win 7 Ultimate. I think disconnecting them from my LAN during the upgrade process solved the problem for me.