Microsoft confirms new Xbox 360 controller

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) kicked off in Los Angeles today with Microsoft’s opening keynote announcing several new technologies designed for its Xbox 360 game console. The most…

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This has me interested as this is what I want in gaming…realism.

Fluff gadget born for failure.

@Ramza, yea right. The Army and such has been using this technology since god knows when simulating a real case scenerio event on the battle grounds. Like I said Realism is what will drive the market just look at the Wii (yes I have one) this is why I bought it was for the Wiimote. I also own the PS3 but could use a new toy. If this goes on sale I will get the sensor first then the XBOX 360 as I expect this thing to fly off of shelves.

I want it right now.

I smell a dud. I think it will fail. And I am a huge XBOX fanboy/junkie.

It could be cool for a coulple of games but I highly doubt there will be any significant “natal” platfom-selling titles which is what it will need to succeed.
Translation: if there aren’ several kick ass titles that take direct advantage of it, then kiss it goodbye. And that’s a double edged sword ! Making games that require an add-on controller is a recipe for failure too.

“Making games that require an add-on controller is a recipe for failure too.” - Yeah…that Guitar Hero thing will never take off.

guitar hero…the only exception to the rule!:bigsmile:

What about Duck Hunt then? Virtual reality is very attractive to gamers. And classic mecanical controllers wear, break and get de-calibrated. Corpos know that. So I guess only time, and gamers will tell.

Exactly, so for this thing to truly be a success, they need a couple of dozen unique guitar hero calibre games, not just a handful on titles.

Guitar hero controllers are designed for the games, like steeting wheels and flight sticks. This is a generic device that will need alot of good game support to succeed. And yes it is a risk for the companies that make the games specific to the device because they are limiting their customer base to “natal” owners.

I think what their plan is, is to release this for the 360 first, and it will more than likely be seen as an add-on, and probably a few games will be made for it. But when the next Xbox comes out, it will probably be included with it as standard. (Think of it like wireless controllers. Last generation, they were made as add-ons. Now, every console has wireless controllers as standard)

just watched the E3 ps3 motion controller demo on BBC! pretty impressive to be honest, but havent seen the 360 controller yet though!!

just seen it, its ripped off the eyetoy really.

however the ps3 is using a motion controller using its eyetoy as well as a motion controller so you could say thats a bit of a ripoff from the wii! only difference is that its incorporated the eyetoy.

bout time really, coz the ps3 eyetoy was a waste of money before this was revealed!

I’m DEFENATLEY buying this, soooo much better than that big blocky Wii Remote that is having a big extension to it…
I’m getting it at Christmas! Yay YAY YAY!!!
Oh and the comment which said the gadget was fluff, YOU’RE A LITTLE PETHETIC PS3 FAN BOY… AREN’T YOU. Ok, I actually think this is going to be exellent! Better than the PS3 alternative, and actally, this is probally Microsoft’s first idea of their own, and, Sony is going to try and copy them, probally. Eyetoy MK3? It doesn’t fit and it’s a waste of money. Go Xbox!!!