Microsoft class action suit over Vista approved

SEATTLE - A federal judge said Friday that consumers may go ahead with a class action lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. over the way it advertised computers loaded with Windows XP as capable of running the Vista operating system.

The lawsuit said Microsoft’s labeling of some PCs as “Windows Vista Capable” was misleading because many of those computers were not powerful enough to run all of Vista’s features, including the much-touted “Aero” user interface.

The problem with this lawsuit is that it doe not go far enough and it is Seattle which Microsoft owns

Didn’t M$ have multiple “Vista capable” labels depending on whether it satisfied bare minimum requirements through to capable of running all features?

Yes, but no one expects dumb consumers to read and research anything anymore, apparently.

I have actually been reading this since the first accusation was made and the story is like this…

Some consumers may not have internet access. They get a new PC that says this so they are being told it will do the bells and whistle (what MS has always promoted) Now Intel couldn’t get the integrated video chipsets right and didn’t want to put the 945+ ones on the PC’s as they wanted to milk users to get the 915 chipset or lesser so MS caved in and said ok.

Dell, HP and other vendors disapproved of this and said they are looking for trouble but MS is too worried about Intels feelings.

So a consumor sees “Vista Capable” and the people at best buy etc… say this will be the PC you want due to this or that. Now remember that not everyone is techy or savvy on this sort of stuff and since MS wasn’t stating what OS it will play then this was a mislead. I for one got the XP MCE and was able to get the Vista free but guess what my machine would only be able to use the basic but the free disc I got was premium…this is why the lawsuits are happening also as the user wasn’t told what OS they’d get and were stuck so to speak. I could ramble on and get more info on this as to the majority of the cases but figured my experience would show why the issues are at hand. Also note they don’t tell you what OS you get either at the sale. You are stuck with home premium or ultimate depending on the OS of XP so basically you were conned so to speak.

The shoveling justs gets deeper.

Microsoft lowered Vista requirements to help Intel sell incompatible chipsets

So now that the “Vista Capable” lawsuit is a full-blown class action, the judge has unsealed all 158 pages of emails between Microsoft execs trying to sort out what went wrong with the sticker program. While bits and pieces have been blacked out, what remains is still fairly incredible – although Intel’s 915 chipset was initially rejected as incompatible with Vista, MS execs flatly admit that “In the end, we lowered the requirements to help Intel make their quarterly earnings so they could continue to sell motherboards with the 915 graphics embedded” and “We are caving to Intel. We worked the last 18 months to drive the UI experience and we are giving this up.” On top of that, it seems that the company was getting direct feedback from retailers that the stickers were confusing, with Wal-Mart appealing directly to HP to pull Vista Capable stickers from low end machines, and an MS exec saying that “I was in Best Buy listening to people and can tell you this did not come clear to customers. We set ourselves up.” That’s pretty damning, if you ask us – and the complete emails, linked below, are full of similar bombshells. Looks like this case may have some serious legs after all.

Microsoft execs on Vista problems


THey also had an email that showed one of the execs say any junk PC is vista capable as well.

It would be nice if they keep digging and really come up with something big on good old make all you can Microsoft

There has been a jump in shovel sales! Maybe some one is planing some digging at Redmond :slight_smile:

hope hope hope