Microsoft claims its Windows Media DRM has no security flaw

I just posted the article Microsoft claims its Windows Media DRM has no security flaw.

there were warnings about opening WMA/WMV files from non trusted sources in case
they exploit
Microsoft’s DRM to display pop-ups and attempt to install Adware or Spyware
on the…

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Use Mozilla Firefox and ditch Internet Explorer altogether. Better yet, ditch Windows for Linux. Problems solved. You see, the solution is so simple. :B

I believe you can’t play wma drm files on any other app other then Windows media player. Also the browser that pops up when you try to authenticate the file is part of the wmp app and can’t be changed to anything like firefox.

Winamp will play DRM files, and other programs will too. However, you are right that media player will not load your default browser, it’s always IE.

Who plays DRM files? I know I don’t :smiley:

i am preparing depart from ms windows just because ms & others are getting too aggressive about how i can use my own pc. speaking of xp sp2, it is very likely that ms intended to reduce the p2p network by limiting # of connections on one port. this will severly limit the speed of p2p networks. all those pop ups & security flaws are due to ms’s intendtion to limit our rights to use pc as we wish i think mpaa, miaa, and other fake contents providers are worse than pirates & virus makers as they play innocent with governments backups

So this is just how like MS said they never stold the idea of windows? Money will buy you everythying in seems in the good old USA, I wonder how long till the European courts have a hay day with this and force them to fix this bug. Next thing you know all us windows users will be wanting Euro copies of XP just to get these fixes. Mind you, I agree with warforpeace, I don’t know anyone who uses DRM. Tell me how I can use my content that I bought with my hard earned money. RIGHT. I bought it, it’s mine, I will do what I damn well please with media.

Altho I hate a lot of what MS does, the claim the SP2 limit on # of connections established over a certain time is to limit P2P is false. There are many good things about this change and most smart P2P software developers (eMule, most bittorent clients etc) recognise this and are working to make their software compliant. Only stupid developers insist it is bad and try to get users to to ‘patch’ their systems to remove the limit. The claim it severely limits the speed of P2P networks is also totally false. It does make you take slightly longer to get up to speed when you just start, but only slightly. It has no significant effects in the long term. There are a number of good articles explaining this change and I suggest you read them