Microsoft claims 6 million Xbox 360s sold to date

I just posted the article Microsoft claims 6 million Xbox 360s sold to date.

 The  headline says it all...       LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. on Thursday said it had sold 6 million Xbox        360 video game consoles worldwide since releasing the unit about a...
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I wonder if this figure has been massaged to include all the replacement machines isued for faulty 360’s. That would probably take up around a third of the figure.

Not a 3rd, maybe a 5th, there were not that many replacements required. And, when a system is exchanged, its either its repaired and refurbished, or most of the parts are re-used, so its not a complete loss. MS loses 1 billion dollars per year on the XBOX division in general (even before 360 came along), and considers this a long-term investement to climb to the “top” of the game industry (ie hurt/bankrupt Sony)

Pity it’s only 1 billion loss , with any luck they will be bankrupted, don’t think they would be missed…pity.

ahhhh…How do you think the PS2 got so many sales. Every year the PS2 console went tits up. People had so much money tied up in the console they just purchaced another one. I know people who bought 3 Ps2 due to failure…Now they swithced to microsoft. Take that to heart.

Well, i’ll be honest by making this statement, i own both systems(xbox,ps2)but the ps2 hardware is garbage for a have gone through 3 ps2’s already and my mighty xbox is still running fine since day 1. i also have a friend who has gone throgh 4 ps2’s but continues to support sony. i have learned form my mistakes and therefore have invested my money in a xbox 360.

If Sony wasn’t able to claim replacment consoles as a part of their sales…I bet their estamates of console sales would be more than half. Their claim was 20million PS2’s sold, of those sold 2 or 3 were replacement consoles. So now in full truth, I bet they only sold 8.5 million to consumers and 11.5 million as replacement consoles.