Microsoft changes color of Blue Screen of Death in upcoming Windows 10 Preview



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft changes color of Blue Screen of Death in upcoming Windows 10 Preview[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft appears to be getting rid of the infamous Blue Screen of Death. The company is currently experimenting with the different colored error screens, according to a Microsoft developer on Twitter.

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Jumped the gun on that one. Other articles say the difference in color is to seperate “normal windows” from the “insider ring”. No more, no less.


Technical Preview of Windows 10
What’s going on here it’s been on Newegg and Amazon Windows 10 Pro for sale? What’s this going on about Technical Preview Windows 10 was it not ready for public usage or what? This late in the game…


This might have something to do with the new blue light filter that’s coming to Windows. Microsoft probably knows they can’t pull this filter off without breaking Windows, so they need to make the blue screens less blue to compensate. That’s a good strategy, since Microsoft won’t be fixing Windows anytime soon. (What? are you actually expecting Microsoft to write code that actually works? Dream on.)


I was so hoping for a nice Teal or Alien Armpit. Maybe an image of a coffin in the middle of the screen, it opens up, a figure pops up and says gotcha! then proceeds to laugh hysterically.