Microsoft CEO to employees: volunteer some time to install Windows 10 in your community



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Microsoft employees are asked to voluntarily install Windows 10 in their communities, according to a leaked memo from the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

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My God, They are desperate to get this on everyone’s PC.


Good lord they’re making giant fools out of themselves with this mad scramble to copy Apple’s business model and get a cut of every app purchase. I guess dignity doesn’t count for much when there’s billions to be made.


In the memo Nadella writes, “starting on July 29 when Windows 10 becomes available, employees are invited to volunteer some time and upgrade their communities as part of the broader movement.”

This doesn’t inspire confidence in me to jump on the band wagon. If it was so good the Product would sell itself but sounds like even the CEO doesn’t believe in the product itself.

“I really do believe that we can achieve magical things when we come together as one team and focus”, Nadella ends the memo.

Really like WIndows 8…not listening to Testers, RC testers and then not listening but calling Preview testers Dumb that really go along way to inspire confidence your listen of which they did neither.


Does “volunteer” mean Microsoft’s customer support employees won’t get paid for telling people how to install Windows? Because that’s what it sounds like… “volunteering” to do their jobs, presumably for free (hence the term “volunteer”).

PS: The Free Software Foundation has been saying similar messages for years, and it hasn’t really worked out for them.


A quick question about Windows 10. If you upgrade from windows 7 does it completely wipe your HD or will installed programs still be there and work?