Microsoft CEO Ballmer claims iPod users carry stolen music

I just posted the article Microsoft CEO Ballmer claims iPod users carry stolen music.

  As most  of us know, Apple has done very well with both its online music service iTunes  and its digital portable music player the iPod.  However, Steve Ballmer  chief executive of...
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hmm…MS feeling a bit of teh heat?

the most stupid thing i ever listen… windows don carry stolen software… why he just die … ms scum …

Isn’t it about time this toad contracted bowel cancer…:X

As much as Steve Ballmer would like to say the iPod will disappear soon, people do not buy a product just for ease of use. They want something that does what they want it to do, if that includes it plays Non DRMed protected tracks (which most users only have), they will put down their cash for that product. What sane person would put money down for a product that does not deal with their current audio catalogue easily and effectively (Just look at Sony for a good example).

Let me understand this. It is bad for Apple to make the Ipod that people can put stolen music on, but it is O.K. to steal an operating system from Apple. Is that how it goes, Mr. Ballmer?

Come now strachan… it’s one thing for this bloke to carry on like an idiot… we don’t need you stretching the truth to try and make a point where there isn’t one.
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He thinks the Ipod has a lot of stolen music, I would bet it all that Windows users have more pirated music on their hard drives than Ipod users on their devices.

This is another confirmation that corporations like Microsoft remember a sort of dictatorship: they want to impose to consumers (US) what they want…and this is crazy! Because WE MUST impose them what we WANT! And we DON’T WANT DRM! MS did you hear that??? You can put your DRM in the *ss! :r
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Ballmer has lost the plot, let the peter principle rule unabated at Microsoft Central, then again perhaps he is upset about losing a lot of European accounts recently, and not for want of cash incentives either!!! Let the peter principle rule at microsoft central:S

When will microsoft pull there head from there arse. Second to the web microsoft windows is one of the reasons threre is so much stolen music, movies and games. Where do they thing people convert music to ipod format. Until they build a operating system which stops all that they should shut up and crawl back in there little hole.:stuck_out_tongue:

How can he state that when Microsoft Are selling XBOX’S that can do the exact thing without modding them. You can buy today a normal xbox and rip cd’s to its hard disk, how is this any different to a ipod apart from the size and portablility

strachan: You have a good memory. I think MS still feels the sting of being sued by Apple years ago…

What about Windows? What about XBOX? I bet there are more Windows or XBOX users that are downloding game and stuff than Ipod users who download illegal contents… pff…this is the most ridiculas thing i’ve ever heard in my entire life.

The company that cant stop email virus and OS backdoors is going to make seemless DRM. Give it up no matter how much RD M$ invests it will be cracked. Just let people use there entertainment freely, and let the RIAA inforce its own copyrights.

what MS should do is not to talk about piracy or spam ever again.