Microsoft can't sell Word, says judge

I just posted the article Microsoft can’t sell Word, says judge.

Microsoft has infringed on a patent, and therefore must stop selling Word within 60 days, a U.S. District Court Judge has ruled.

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About time someone cleaned out the patent offices for good. Intellectual property is one thing, but stupid property should not be someone’s property at all. :slight_smile:

I’m patenting human breathing, and Eyesight right now :iagree:

Microsoft have infringed on so many other companies patents its become a joke. Didn’t they learn their lesson when they infringed on Fraunhoffers mp3 codec patent a few years ago ? That set them back over a cool billion.

I guess arrogance and disregard for intellectual property is still one of Microsoft 's chief weapons in its armory of thug tactics. It’s about time this behemoth of a corrupt company was split up once and for all.

[QUOTE=debro;2420524]I’m patenting human breathing, and Eyesight right now :iagree:[/QUOTE]

With the size of those eyes in your avatar, I can see you having that market cornered.

Kidding aside, I’m in agreement with [B][I]Mr. Belvedere[/I][/B] on this one. There needs to be reform on IP laws, there is far too much bloat for it to be useful any longer.

Is it April Fools already ?

Seriously, this just sounds retarded to me but then again I am of the opinion that most patents are BS and should just not be allowed.

I think I’ll patent life.

[QUOTE=debro;2420524]I’m patenting human breathing, and Eyesight right now :iagree:[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=ivid;2420620]I think I’ll patent life.[/QUOTE] I’m sorry but I have to inform you that I have recently patented patenting, so all new patents must be handed over to me or abandoned. :cool:

Hah! I sent in my patent application for patents last week, so I own the patent on patents; if you keep claiming ownership I’ll have to sic my lawyers on you :slight_smile:

Well if you really want to go there, I patented patenting patenting. Hail to the king, baby!

Yeah, but I paid off both the Patent Office and the Judge :slight_smile:

Bow to the COurt Jester! :slight_smile:

Well, since this is clearly getting out of control…

Quite some time ago, I patented filling out applications. This included, filling of applications manually by pen, by pencil, by sharpie, by highlighter, by spraypaint, by crayon and by sillystring, this also included single forms as well as duplicate and triplicate forms.

I also included filling out of forms by typewriter, but I don’t think anyone uses such devices anymore.

To futureproof my IP, filling out any forms using any and all means of technology, including using your fingers, toes or nose to manipulate a keyboard, pouring catnip on the keyboard to have your cat do it for you or putting your iPhone in a hamster wheel was also included in the patent.

I figure you all are in violation, but I’m mostly reasonable.

Maybe this whole patenting business is patently absurd? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, patently stupid even

Take a low royalty rate and make it up on volume, huh? :wink:

Open Office, nuff said… May not have WORD Art in it, but wheeeeeeeee, who uses it daily? No one…

OpenOffice rules.

Btw buga, not enough legalese in your patent for applications. It needs to read more like:

“A method by which the user renders words onto a sheet or multiple sheets of paper, by which said words form the basis of information required to obtain work, a position of authority or enrollment into any form of education, including but not limited to primary or secondary school, or education at the university level. Said method may or may not make use of any current or future technologies as they pertain to the rendering of words onto paper, which could include ink, crayon, silly putty or any other method past, present or future, by which said words may be permanently or temporarily rendered onto the sheet or sheets of paper.”

Man, patent law is easy. I could be making bank right now.

I think this judge will wake up one morning with a decapitated horse’s head in bed with him.

Remembering that Microsoft was based on the theft of the original windows operating system it’s only fair to say that rest of the operation would be based on dubious business practice. By the way, I wonder what software the judge used to write his findings on the case???

You’re all stupid!

I patented…


So, don’t even THINK about patenting… i’ve already got the rights!


TOO LATE!!! My patent for the composition and processes of the human brain was granted before you were born:bigsmile: