Microsoft break-up ruling reversed



I just posted the article Microsoft break-up ruling reversed.

The one`s with the most money wins as usual…

A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned a lower court’s ruling that Microsoft be broken into two companies as a remedy for…

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Who cares anyway.


I do. An lots of other people does too.


Well until one of you can code a decent GUI based Operating System that that will be bug free, and be able too sell lots of copies, I suggest you keep yer opinions to yerself, thats putting it politely. So stop and think, if it wasn’t for Microsoft where would we all be? You know full well what the answer would be, up the creek without a paddle. Yes b4 u go on a trip and explain about Unix, don’t even bother. :4 I rest my case, consider this subject closed once and for all. It will only lead to arguments, and we are all suppose to be grown up adults, or maby not so, I assume you are able to apply some logic to this. :7


They were gonna break up microsoft into a couple of dif divisions or something. If he says Who Cares hes right who cares. Its not like they were closing MS down.