Microsoft blogger: No internal HD DVD drive for Xbox360

I just posted the article Microsoft blogger: No internal HD DVD drive for Xbox360.

Rumors on the net, we see them every day. The best one lately, about the Xbox360, was a DigiTimes piece, claiming an internal HD DVD drive was in the works for the mighty Xbox360. Well, if…

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Then one can always duct tape it on top…:B …and anticipating objections, technically speaking it does become internal under the layers of tape. :slight_smile:
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and what’s more, you would know it was now internal, by the massive heat that would build up

I wish they would make up their minds! Just my opinion but given the amount of times this rumour has surfaced I think there must be some truth to it. However I don’t believe we’ll get any formal announcement until their has been significant market penetration of the HD DVD addon - Microsoft wouldn’t want to upset all the Xbox 360 adopters to date. I reckon we’ll see an integrated Xbox 360/HD DVD drive for Christmas 07.

Didn’t MS deny the rumors about the Zune that were floating around a while back? “We don’t have an MP3 player in development.” This denial of an internal HD-DVD drive smells the same.

They should just bring out a xbox 360 ultimate edition with hd-dvd built in. nobody wants an external drive!

Yes but what about the +5 million of us with 360s ? If we want HDDVD we need the external drive. An internal drive model should not be released until its clear that HD-DVD is here to stay (nor should an external drive either IMO, but they’re doing it anyway). I still think MS should develop an external dual format blu-ray/hd-dvd drive, it would be the best solution because they would support both formats where Sony supports only one (it looks like both formats will be around for a few years at least). But since they are hell bent on supporting HD-DVD in order to bring down Sony’s blu-ray, or in order to ultimately kill both formats as that would benefit MS most, it’s not likely to happen. MS do not benefit from HDDVD triumphing over blu-ray for any reason aside from their competitor losing out after HUGE R&D investments.

Are there already five million 360 users?

Tony has a lot of credibility with me. He helped me out a few months ago when my 360 died. He’s a great guy and truly cares about the community. So, if he says there won’t be an internal HD-DVD drive I’m inclined to believe it. Whether it’s a good idea or not…that’s highly debatable.

Well, MS denied EXTERNAL HD-DVD drive before, why not deny INTERNAL drive now? It they want to give people choices, having an internal HD-DVD is a great way to go. Also, I don’t think it makes all early adopters mad if internal HD-DVD is also $200 more expensive then current model and comes out more then one year from now. It all comes down to $$$, and don’t forget ALL electronic stuff are getting better and cheaper as time goes. There will be no advancement in technology if we keep making the early adopters happy.