Microsoft blocks 50,000 license keys to fight piracy



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft blocks 50,000 license keys to fight piracy[newsimage][/newsimage]

In the fight against software piracy, Microsoft Germany has blocked 50,000 licensekey that were illegally sold on the internet.

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If M$ made their stuff a bit cheaper there would be any of the keys around.


Even if a legal key was only $1, there are still some people who would try and use a pirated key for free. :slight_smile:


I agree 100%.
Plus, MS should have kept its old practice. Nowdays if you buy an OS then it is only for one PC. (SIC!) And for that price.


Given their history on such matters, I wonder how many legitimate keys will be blocked by accident?


I miss the old days when you didn’t have to “activate” Microsoft programs online. If you bough a copy of office, you could use it 100% anonymously, without Microsoft ever knowing you even exist. Now, every time you turn on your Windows-based computer, Microsoft presumably knows it.

When in doubt, don’t use anything Microsoft. Or better yet, don’t use anything proprietary.


TSJnachos - you better watch out! Microsoft has you on their hit list! You’ve been targeted for termination!


Actually all software companies (plus God knows who) knows everything about us, users. Who the heck’s aware of what kind of information is passed through our home networks.
I don’t deal with this question as I can not prevent anything, even if I have the most sophisticated systems.

So, 👎 all who watch.