Microsoft Blocking Firefox


well thanks for yet another reason to dump M$

Yep. I have noticed this becoming more and more common when viewing pages at Microsoft with a browser other than IE. has always blocked the use of Firefox.

i’m not surfing that much on the M$ site, as it’s just boring, but when i browse it using FF, i did not have any prolems, yet.

windows update uses ActiveX, which is the biggest security-problem ever created. FF does (luckily) not support it, so that’s the reason why MS-Update (also Office Update) does not work in other browsers than IE.

from the “Source” link provided in the initial post:

Update 2: It appears to be fixed now! Thanks to Microsoft for addressing it rather quickly (less than 2 full business days).

Yeah, I know. I wasn’t going to bother going into details, that’s all… when trying to navigate to windowsupdate in Firefox it spits an error message out telling the user to use Internet Explorer.

All I can say is… Safari or STFU. :stuck_out_tongue: