Microsoft bans 1M Xbox 360s from Xbox Live

I just posted the article Microsoft bans 1M Xbox 360s from Xbox Live.

Up to 1 million Microsoft Xbox 360 game console owners have been banned from Xbox Live due to the possibility of modified game consoles playing pirated games.

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its a cat and mouse game, after all, If microsoft kill switched the flashed/chipped xbox 360’s people would have a valid complaint but stopping them playing online they did it with the Original Xbox and they have worked out the dodgy ones one the 360 , though titty

they (i.e. c4eva (the guy who basically codes the firmware)) are already currently working on firmware that gets around the recent bans.

basically the new Abgx360 v1.0.2 application and the new ‘iXtreme LT’ will get around the current ways of detection recently. but only Abgx360 v1.0.2 is out right now. the new iXtreme LT ain’t out yet.

more info on iXtreme LT here…

p.s. i most likely won’t be signing into XBox Live anymore on my console simply because if you do get banned you will lose ability to copy games to hard drive which basically will semi-disable games that are on 2 discs like Forza 3 (which is my favorite game on the console) since the only way to use the 2nd disc is to copy it’s game data into the XBox360’s hard drive. plus not to mention any games i use alot i always copy the game data into the xbox360’s hard drive simply because it puts less wear and tear on the dvd-rom’s laser since it only verifies the game disc and after that all data is loaded from hard drive.

Well it seems that the banned Xbox consoles are starting to show up in retail outlets like BestBuy.

I think it’s wrong for BB not to exchange the console for the kid. It was their screwup for not checking the contents of the box for the return. I feel sorry for the kid, especially because he saved a long time to buy it and now he has nothing to show for it. I’m sure there are going to be more frowns on Christmas day from parents trying to save a buck by buying one off of eBay too.